@loneblockbuster Twitter account

Wow, I just discovered a(nother) fricking hilarious Twitter account: @loneblockbuster.  It's a parody account of an employee at the Last Blockbuster.  

Who ARE these people who crank out so much hilarious content?  I am so impressed.  


Katy Tur on Fresh Air

NBC and MSNBC journalist Katy Tur had a great interview on Fresh Air!  Tur's just published the book Unbelievable about her experiences documenting the Trump Campaign.

Tur came across as pretty raw and honest.  When she realizes that Trump wins, she recoils in anxiety in part over the fact that no one will trust the media anymore (given they'd pegged Hillary as the winner).  Undoubtedly pretty much everyone in the media had a similar reaction, but I've never heard anyone articulate this publicly. (The dumbfuck David Brooks probably was shitting in his pants but that'll be the day when he actually says anything)

What else?  Well she makes the point that she doesn't vote because that could get in the way of her being able to report fairly on candidates.  And I did notice a remarkable lack of implicit disdain in her assessment of Trump and some of his behaviors.  When she gives her explanation for why Trump gave her the nicknames "Little Katy" she attributes in in part to his "just being a literal guy and calling things as they are" (she's 5"2").  Gross then finishes off the statement by saying "oh so it's like he's saying 'you're little and adorable and totally powerless'".
Ew, speaking of gross, her appallingly revealing interjections make her pretty much unbearable.  But you gotta keep listening, I guess, due to the caliber of people she interviews.

And not only this, but Tur also has an interesting personal life; her parents actually documented news stories, including the L.A. Riots and OJ car chase, via helicopters!

Well, anyway, it was good.  A good interview.  I guess as idiotic and brainwashing as our media is, not everyone working within it is a total loon.      


Steve Bannon

had an interesting interview with Charlie Rose.  Rose has just posted the extended hour long interview at his website.  He'd previously played part of it on 60 minutes.  Bannon says in the interview that this is the only television interview that he's ever given in his life!  And I found it eye opening; it gave me an idea of who this person Bannon really is beyond how the media has characterized him.

Some highlights:
Bannon's says that "The most pro-Israel site in the country is Breitbart."  Um, yeah.  This quote demonstrates that Bannon is someone who's implicitly pro-Jew, pro-Israel.  In this respect he's lost me a little.  I'd considered the people at Breitbart to be real off the grid free thinkers, but, er, man.  They seem to have drunk from the same kool-aid that so much of America has; that is, being pro-Israel is tantamount to being a decent, humanitarian, sane human being.


You might have noticed,

careful follower of this lackadaisical blog, that I didn't mention 9/11 on 9/11.   

Hm, I can't even tell if this is something that we need to talk about.


9/11 was performed by the US Military and Israel.  It was a false flag.  It was conducted in order to bring about police-state conditions in the US and to justify a never-ending war-state overseas.  

The evidence for this is overt, in your face, and overwhelming.  It's all over the internet (just google tower 7 collapsing and you'll see several dozen images of tower 7 collapsing at free fall speed--this is the building that wasn't hit by a plane, and that collapsed later in the day on 9/11.  The NIST said the collapse was due to "internal fire".)


Idk.  What else to say really.  


Title of my new Book:

"Anywhere, USA Essays or: Why I'm So Fucking Sick of, and Don't Really Give a Shit About, Writing That Deifies, Romanticizes, Fetishizes and Idealizes Places Like New Jersey, NYC, or Anywhere on the East Coast, Really (N. of Delaware)."    

ok, ha ha ha.  A bit of a rant here.  And will I ever finish this book?  Well, hm....  Idk.  

I came up with the title for this book after reading Sloane Crosley's website, and noticing that she has an entire section dedicated to her "New York City" essays.  (It's not all about you NYC!  When are you going to get that fucking mirror off yourselves and figure that the fuck out?)

No, but really.  I am sick of this.  Of people fetishizing New Jersey or talking about growing up on the Lower East Side or whatever as though they're part of some exclusive club.  Are the rest of us just supposed to read this sort of stuff and then feel left out?  I don't really get it.  

Maybe they'll shut the fuck up when the rest of us stop listening.  


The Glass Castle

Hawaiian Director Destin Daniel Cretton brings Jeanette Well's beloved memoir to screen in the 2017 release The Glass Castle.  The movie follows the bohemian Wells children as they are simultaneously shaped and abused by their eccentric and off the grid parents.
In early childhood, Jeanette suffers terrible oven burns cooking lunch while her mother paints in another room.  "Lunch will last only for the afternoon.....this painting a lifetime," her mother, played by Namoi Watts, rationalizes.
At the hospital, when confronted by the doctors, Jeanette's father, played by Woody Harrelson, vehemently denies neglecting his children, and subsequently sneaks his daughther out of the hospital and the family escapes town.
Such is life for the Wells family.  The movie often switches to the adult Jeanette, played by Bree Lason, an affluent writer living in NYC.  Her parents reside in the same city, homeless.
The adult Jeanette agonizes over living in her sophisticated world that's so often juxtaposed with the eccentric and abusive environment of her childhood.  Will marrying her fiance force her to leave her family, and a huge part of herself, behind?  Can she?


North Korea "Nuclear Threat"

This is a good tweet, and harkens back to the National Defense Resources Preparedness Executive Order that Obama signed on March 16th of 2012, in which he states that martial law can be declared simply with the threat of nuclear war (or another equally serious impending attack).

Given that 9-11 is bullshit, a false flag, and that the US Military/Government is the real enemy that we face, all of this talk about a possibly imminent attack from North Korea seems highly suspect.

What's quite likely at the crux of this news story--it's true intent--is an effort to weaken of the will of the American People, and increase their propensity to capitulate to ever increased police-state measures.

Ugh.  That's just what we need.   


BBC Culture's Best Comedy List

BBC Culture recently released this list of "The 100 Greatest Comedies of All Time"  They polled critics from 52 different countries.  I really wonder at the age of the critics who they polled, as an enormous number of the movies came out before 1980.  Ok, I guess that I don't really have to wonder: a lot of them are Baby Boomers.

I've copied and pasted the list.  Hm, in addition to being struck at what IS on this list (the kind of erudite comedies that, well, aren't totally funny, such as The Graduate), I'm equally struck at what isn't: not one John Candy movie nor John Hughes movie, for example.

Idk.  This marriage of critical acclaim and comedy doesn't quite gel, imo.  Consider a movie like Wayne's World.  Or anything that Mike Meyers helped to create--fricking hilarious.  Yet could a smug movie reviewer place this onto his list w/out appearing less than erudite?  Not hardly.