Where is William F. Buckley?

I like the point Scott Adams made about the Kathy Griffin-decapitated-head-thing.

He said that it's significant that all the people in the room helping Kathy to produce her show thought that presenting a bloody head of a decapitated president was an appropriate joke.

THAT's the partisan line I'm talking about.  Another example; in this episode of Space Cave, host David Huntsberger has a conversation with a comedian Andie Main in which she says that she (has a tattoo of the phrase "nevertheless she persisted") cannot even engage in conversation with Trump supporters because they make her so angry, and Huntsberger responds by saying that he's able to engage with "them" so long as the conversation is implicitly condescending, in effort to enlighten and better them.

(An aside: this extreme condensencion can create some furor and anger!)

And on the other side, e.g.,
this tweet in response to the Comey testimony.

Pretty sure not all of the Democrats have the same response to Comey's testimony.

Anyway, yeah.  The political discourse has become extremely black and white.  Not a lot of attempt or ground for people to converse and state their points of view civilly.  I guess that we need another William F. Buckley.

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