Megyn Kelly's Alex Jones interview

The Alex Jones interview with Megyn Kelly is significant.  After Trump's victory, Charlie Rose posed the question to Dan Balz,

"Does his victory somehow bring respect to the most extreme followers of some from the alt-right?"

And Balz answered, "I think that's a very central question."

And here we see Rose's suggestion playing out.   Megyn Kelly would have probably (I say probably because Tucker Carlson, also with Kelly on Fox News last year, has appeared on Jones's show Infowars) laughed at the idea of interviewing Jones a year ago, yet her rationale for interviewing him today is that Trump has appeared on his show, and that the White House has given him press credentials.  

Or perhaps another way to state my point is that Trump's victory has shifted the positions that Jones stands for from the WAY OUT THERE fringe to more socially acceptable.  I say *more* acceptable since denying Sandy Hook and calling 9/11 an Inside Job are still pretty fringy, but not so much as they were, possibly, a year ago.

Perhaps we're seeing a gradual paradigm shift.  However, look at Bishop Williamson--in virtue of "denying" (minimizing) the Holocaust and calling 9/11 an inside job he's been relegated to the fringe of the fringe (a splinter of SSPX).

We really do have a long way to go.  Man, calling 9/11 an inside job is child's play compared to minimizing the Holocaust.  There's a sure-fire way to turn yourself into a pariah, shunned by all-things mainstream!  

It's also interesting to note, with respect to the Kelly/Jones interview, that the only narrative MSM is presenting, in this age when all views are supposed to be valid, is the one that Jones is bad because he denied Sandy Hook.  What about the view of the people who like him because he denied Sandy Hook, as they, too, think it's a hoax?  Where is their voice?  

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