Bishop Richard Williamson Part I

Through some circuitous YouTube searches I recently re-discovered Bishop Richard Williamson, the once-Society of St. Pius X Bishop who's gone rogue/been expelled, and is perhaps now part of the SSPX Resistance (or maybe he's even been expelled from that, I'm not certain).

I originally came across Williamson at a SSPX Mass I attended way back in 2003, and was VERY impressed by his homily.  Perhaps I need to point out that I rather blindly attended this Mass at the invitation of a friend, as I had really no understanding that SSPX was a schismatic at the time.

In this homily, just a year and a half after 9/11, Bishop Williamson stated emphatically that 9/11 was carried out by the US military; that the twin towers fell through interior demolition, and that a missile had to have attacked the Pentagon.  This is the first time I'd ever heard anything about 9/11 being an inside job, and I realized that the evidence he presented was irrefutable.  

In the YouTube videos that I've listened to of him online he says that he's concerned with the truth, which is why he converted to Catholicism.  A lot of the 'truth' that he discusses is empirical truth.  For example, he's frequently denied "the Holocaust" and says that closer to 200K-300K Jews died (he's a Holocaust minimizer, not a denier) on the grounds that there just isn't any evidence for the "6 million Jews dead from gas chambers" story.

Although plenty of people have come out to say the exact same things with respect to 9/11 and the Holocaust, Williamson is unusual in that he interprets these incidence/world events from a Catholic perspective.  He seems to have been rather well educated in theology.  In fact, his talks about the Church are rich and inspiring that they make me at long last actually LOVE being Catholic.  He isn't boring and banal and sophomoric like the much-celebrated Father Baron.

And he is such an unusual phenomenon.  I have never seen anyone like him.  He's more in touch with empirical reality than any priest I've ever seen.  And he makes the interesting point that so many today are totally out of touch with reality (say, those people who ignore empirical evidence and go on to say that 9/11 was accomplished by boxcutters!) and that if they are out of touch with reality, then how can they know anything about God?  It's an excellent point, and further deepens my disdain and suspicion from anything coming out of the mouths of most priests and the Vatican.

As far as the Vatican is concerned, shouldn't a religion that's so concerned with uncovering, preaching, and discerning the TRUTH be fully aware and willing to preach the extremely basic, evident reality that the official explanation for 9/11 is comically false?

What I suppose I mean to say is that the Church is mired in the ugliest of politics which precludes it from stating undeniable facts that might "offend", say, the Powers the Be in the US who want the masses to be utterly brainwashed with regards to 9/11.

Well this is perhaps enough for today.  Although I haven't said all that I'd like to about this man.  Part II awaits!!!! 

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