Winger and Hawn: Back from the Dead

The Sequel to Debra Winger's and Goldie Hawn's Movie Star Careers began this spring, as they both star The Lovers and Snatched, respectively.  And though I have yet to see either of these movies (and given my propensity for sitting on the couch and binging on Netflix, along with my repulsion towards Amy Schumer, I probably won't), it certainly hasn't escaped my notice that these once-A-list actresses ghosted Hollywood and have emerged again onto the big screen.

Goldie's emerged from a fifteen year hiatus in film making, and although Winger hasn't completely gone off the grid, it's been decades since her Academy Award Nominee days in the 80s and 90s.

What causes a star who's been HUGE to decline so dramatically?  Comedy Film Nerds had a good discussion speculating as to why Hawn might have taken a leave--she doesn't need the money, and studios won't hire her given her reputation for being "difficult".  Additionally, she turned down a role in an attempted First Wives Club sequel as the pay didn't seem fair.

Lebeleau's Le blog speculates in the article  "What the Hell Happened to Debra Winger" that she, too, was difficult to work with and so had a hard time finding work.

I could probably speculate about this ad infinitum and arrive no closer at the actual explanation, but the fading of each of these women's careers seem to point out that it's pretty hard for a woman to be an A-list actor post-menapause.  Meryl Strep said in an interview with Terri Gross that at the "ripe old age" of 40 she was offered four roles to play a witch!  And we've seen what's happened to poor old Meg Ryan, trying to preserve some of her physical cuteness.  Unfortunately, plastic surgery doesn't reverse the aging process, and the results can be pretty horrifying.

And there's dozens upon dozens of ripe, young, ambitious, beautiful women sweating blood to assume the lead roles in Hollywood.

I think that with women in Hollywood, "out with the old, in with the new" is a cliche that bears a lot of truth.

I do hope, however, that we will be seeing more of Winger and Hawn.  And in better movies than they've chosen to star in this time around.

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