Sheila Nevins on Charlie Rose

Charlie Rose recently interviewed Sheila Nevins, President of HBO Films and the "patron saint" of documentary film making.

In the interview, she said that her anger over an incident from college, in which the mother of a man with whom she was quite smitten recommended to her that she find herself a Jewish husband (and thereby ix-nayed her relationship with the man), spurred her onwards towards her glitzy, successful career in the film industry.

In other words, she's saying, "I realized that as a consequence of being Jewish, I was a nobody, wah wah wah, and so I had to prove myself to all of the naysayers and become a member of the uber-elite"
I'm tired of listening to Jews relegate themselves to pariah status.  When is one of them going to acknowledge that being Jewish is in fact the reason that the doors to the uber elite have been opened to them?

And when will it become socially acceptable for us to acknowledge the glaring reality that Jews rule over us, as they are overwhelmingly over represented across every industry?

Charlie Rose, the "patron saint" of the Main Stream Media, certainly won't be saying anything of the sort between now and his imminent departure 10-15 years from now.

It's only the real pariahs--people on the fringes and either determined or willing to stay there--who will acknowledge anything of the sort, as criticizing a Jew is most certainly touching the third rail.

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