The Bourgeoisie Feminist

Continue to be really blown away by the new publication Current Affairs.  They have such original content!  They say things that are so true and that no one else seems to be saying--most recently the article "Bourgeois Feminist Bullshit: The Rebeccca Traister view of gender and the world..." by Yasmin Nair.

(My own objection to Traister's book All the Single Ladies are, well, more than a few.  I've written about them here.)

Nair, in her article, makes the awesome point that a bourgeoisie woman like Traister, for whom upper middle class goals are implicit (the housecleaner, the nanny), does not really identify with the choices faced by lower class women, particularly regarding marriage.  For example, Traister says that more women are choosing not to marry because they are able to provide for themselves; however a woman who can hardly take care herself--who works, God-forbid, as a career-barista--may choose to marry for economic reasons.

Perhaps I'm extrapolating a bit here, but I'm taking away this idea that Nair's claims that  Traister things feminism = it's all about me and being a careerist.  Taister, then reminds me a bit of Sandberg a bit in this respect.  Lean In really grated on me in that Sandberg seemed to be saying the exact same thing: all you women, lean in on your careers!  Let someone else do all of that other stuff.  You: throw some kerosene on your ego and set it on fire.

To this woman, I say: if you have a woman taking care of your children and another cleaning your house in order for you to be conquering the world from your corner office then it's literally impossible for every woman to achieve this feminist vision, you fucking cunt!  Acknowledge that it's an entitled state, achievable only to the few, that you're deeply hypocritical and don't you fucking preach to me.

Well anyway.  Enough of my opinionated rant.  Check out Yasmin Nair, and her article in Current Affairs.  A huge breath of fresh air.   


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