Superbowl Halftime Shows

Sunday got me into SuperBowl mode and I'm trying not to think too much about the game itself right now. (Let's just say that now I can identify a little with the disappointment/despair that so many felt when Trump was elected president).

However the halftime show was right up there with the best, and it compelled me to go back and watch more from the past few years.  Lady Gaga was unusual in that it was just her.  So often the main show is accompanied by "mini shows"; such as Coldplay with Beyonce and Bruno Mars, Katy Perry with Lenny Kravitz and Missy Elliott.  I wonder why that is?   I guess that with Coldplay they included the others since he doesn't really dance, just sort of bounces, and these shows have become such spectacles that they need to include some really good dancing.  However Katy Perry--she's pretty huge.  Why then the need for Kravitz and Elliott?  What's the criteria for a star being able to stand on her own?

The shows have also become insanely polished and well produced over the past twenty or so years, honestly it kind of blows me away.  If you go back and look at the shows from the 80s you'd be stunned; it's basically people skipping and cartwheeling across the football field.

The time of day for the Superbowl and the location will determine whether or not it's light out and this can affect the mood of the show.  Coldplay and Michal Jackson were during the day.  Beyonce, Bruno Mars, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Springsteen, Madonna--all at night.  Most of them are at night.

My favories I think are Coldplay, Katy Perry and Michael Jackson.  I liked that it was light out for Coldplay.  The daylight really complimented his penchant for pastels.  And I like Katy Perry's aesthetic too.  Such bright fun colors.  Man she had an awesome ponytail in that show, too.  Michael Jackson is so cool in that the show is from the 90s but he still hasn't been surpassed, imo, anyway.  Such an awesome dancer.

Some of the runners up are Bruno Mars and Beyonce.  They were awesome on their own as well as in the Coldplay show.  Really great dancers make for a good show.

I also like Madonna.  I like that she wasn't wearing an ultra-skimpy outfit like all of the other female performers were in other halftime shows.  And, like I said, Lady Gaga.

Springsteen is the least favorite.   It really makes a difference if they can dance.  Coldplay, even though he can't dance and basically just bounces, I like bc I love all of his pastels and I think that he has a very optimistic aura to his music, much like Katy Perry.

I haven't seen them all, however.

Which are your favorites?  

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