The Death of Elie Wiesel

The Great High Priest of the Holocaust has just passed away.

Did this man ever smile, ever?  I cannot believe how sickeningly maudlin he becomes when he speaks about the Holocaust and how, too, he sacralizes the event.
For me the future was then, um, a larger portion of bread in the morning.  And that larger portion of bread was to me more important than at the greatest book in the world, the greatest novel written by the greatest novelist.  Just a piece of bread.  This piece of bread means not only redemption but also truth.  If you want to know what truth is, think of a piece of bread.  

WTF is he talking about, honestly?  
I love this except from Norman Finkelstein's The Holocaust Industry

Dubbed by Novick the "sacralization of the Holocaust," this mystifications's most practiced purveyor is Elie Wiesel. For Wiesel, Novick rightly observes, The Holocaust is effectively a "mystery" religion. Thus Wiesel intones that the Holocaust "leads into darkness," "negates all answers," "lies outside, if not beyond, history," "defies both knowledge and description," "cannot be explained nor visualized," is "never to be comprehended or transmitted," marks a "destruction of history" and a "mutation on a cosmic scale." Only the survivor-priest (read: only Wiesel) is qualified to divine its mystery. And yet, The Holocaust's mystery, Wiesel avows, is "noncommunicable"; "we cannot even talk about it." Thus, for his standard fee of $25,000 (plus chauffeured limousine), Wiesel lectures that the "secret" of Auschwitz's "truth lies in silence." 

What I find so bizarre is that this language--of characterizing something as fundamentally mysterious,
or of speaking of Truth in reference to a piece of bread--sounds so Catholic.   Maybe it's just a coincidence.

In any event, phew.  That we don't have to listen to him anymore.  Wiesel really did deify the sufferings of the Jews.  Somehow, to him, the precious blood shed by Jews at the Holocaust is far more sacred than any gentile sufferings.  In this interview with Charlie Rose from 6/7/99, he says that the killing of Ethnic Albanians by the Serbs in Kosovo cannot be compared to the Jewish suffering under the Germans.

This video from Real Jew News is definitely worth watching (It is mysterious, really, that Wiesel doesn't have any visible tattoos in that clip at the end.)  

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