Charlie Rose Coverage of RNC, DNC

Charlie Rose aired 202 minutes of programming covering DNC vs 128 minutes covering the RNC.

This overt biased is unbelievable.  I especially loved Rose's ultra partisan interview with Jim Messina, in which Messina claims that Clinton's soul far surpasses that of Trumps, and that Kaine is the. nicest. man. ever. to. roam. the. planet. EVER.

Dude. What a shameless spectacle of partisan masturbation.

And this drives home the message that the DNC's choice of speakers conveyed; that the Democrats are an elitist group that sends an obsequious nod to the paraplegics amongst us and then resumes it's insular self important party of privilege.  Rose, an elitist like the rest of them, wants to sit around and gab.


I'm having a visceral reaction that's swaying me in the Trump direction.  Of course he's wealthy, but he flaunts it and doesn't, like Hillary, pay homage to the poor and destitute amongst us then walk around with a $3.5K handbag.

Oh, and I loved this article that suggests that to vote for Trump means that you're white trash.

Give me a break.  



Beyond all this, the wish to be alone. 
However the sky grows dark with invitation-cards
However we follow the printed directions of sex
However the family is photographed under the flagstaff--
Beneath all this, the wish to be alone.

Beneath it all, desire of oblivion runs:
Despite the artful tensions of the calendar,
The life insurance, the tabled fertility rites,
The costly aversion of the eyes from death--
Beneath it all, desire of oblivion runs.

Philip Larkin


DNC speakers

Really liked this Twitter comment.  Noticed from the line-up that the speakers at the DNC seem to fall into two categories; the uber-successful politicians (Obama, Clinton, Warren) and 'nobodies' who Clinton's going to help (the woman who demanded equal pay at her pizza joint, various people she's met at town hall meeting.)

Guess they're communicating a 'we really care about average people.'  But something about the juxtaposition with uber elite with nobodies seems disingenuous.

Of all the speakers slated to speak at the Democratic Convention, probably the one I take greatest exception to is Lauren Manning.  Her bio at the DNC page reads

Lauren was a former executive and partner at Cantor Fitzgerald.  She is one of the most catastrophically wounded survivors of 9/11.  Lauren battled single digit odds of survival, spending more than six months in the hospital and fought recovering through the next decade from an 82.5% total body burn.  Lauren asked then senator Hillary Clinton to support the injured and she has remained unflagging in her commitment and dedication.
(Questionable phrasing --"fought recovering"?)

Given Hilary's LONG history in elite politics, and her support of the Iraqui War, she undoubtedly is well aware (and in fact condoned) of the false flag attacks of 9/11.

And now she's using one of these victims of violence she approved (to kill citizens she represents!) in a bleeding heart effort to further her own career!

Demonstrates just what a sick woman Hillary really is, and deepens the insincerity of these bleeding heart speakers; Clinton is not concerned with the poor or maimed or disenfranchised at all.

I am scared to see this woman in office.  More scared, possibly, then I would be if Trump wins the election.


Trump's Speech, the Republican Convention

Yeah I definitely ended the convention with a "Trump might be an ok guy" feeling.  In all of the reviews, no one seems to be saying that this was a pretty good speech.  Every word did seem to come from the heart.  (Did you hear him say it--Trump loves us!!).

Ivanka's introduction of him didn't hurt either, nor did Roger Stone's interview on Charlie Rose.  (Stone is such a cool character, it's assuring that he's on Trump's side).  Also liked Tom Barrack's speech, and his interview on Charlier Rose.  It was the most natural speech I heard, and seemed to humanize Trump.

I guess that what I'm saying is that these seemingly reputable man endorsing Trump make me think that maybe he isn't such a bad guy after all.

The trophy wives are a little bizarre, though.  And an uncanny number of blonde women seemed to speak at the Convention--obviously his two daughters Tiffany and Ivanka, as well as Laura Ingraham (damn, she looks good for 53!  And she gave a good speech...inspiring woman), Pam Bondi (FLA Attorney General), Michelle Van Etton (some pyramid scheme owner), Callista Gingrich, Eric Trump (er wait.).  There may be more.  A lot of these women spoke on Wednesday.  Dunno.  Maybe blondes weren't overly represented, I haven't done a formal analysis, but just with this superficial assessment I'm pretty sure that they were.

Guess what I'm speculating at is that perhaps Trump, in addition to having trophy wives, also wanted a 'certain type' of women speaking at his convention, and hand picked them himself.  

Ted Cruz's speech made the convention feel like high drama theater.  Zomg.

And looks like the wall isn't just some hyperbolic primary promise, since he continues to mention it.  But could he really pull something like that off?

Ah geez.  I live in a state that's going blue, so I don't need to deliberate too much about the indecipherable character of this man.  

And if he is as bad as some think, at least I can console myself with the assurance that Armageddon will be coming down the pike at some point, regardless.  


john meacham on charlie rose

I really liked this interview on Charlie Rose with John Meacham about his cover story "Gut Check" in Time about Donald Trump.

Meacham articulated more coherently than anyone I've heard previously just what a wild card Trump really is.  From interviewing Trump, Meacham gleaned that Trump makes, and intends as president to make, decisions from his gut.  "When you're voting for Trump, you're voting for his gut.  And he doesn't mind that that's the way the issue is framed,"  Meacham says.  For example, in his interview with Meacham, Trump denies any need to "understand issues inside and out; that he's fundamentally an intuitive player."

Coupled with his thin skin and vindictive temperament, Meacham and Rose conclude, given the weighty decisions a president makes on a daily basis, that Trump poses a terrifying candidate.  


The Shallows - Spoiler Alert!

For two weeks in a row now at the movies I've watched people commit career suicide - Anthony Weiner in the documentary Weiner, when he--well we all know what he did--and now this week Blake Lively --by starring in The Shallows.

Yes.  It really was that bad.   But I'll start with the good stuff.

The movie starts out very promising.  Lively being driven out to a beeautiful, relatively remote beach.  The conversation on the way out with her driver, a local Mexican (she's near Tijuana), is funny.  She's got great jewelry, and well, I was very very scared for her several times throughout the movie.  It felt like a real thriller.  Such as in the scene above, when she first encounters the shark.

This picture doesn't do the jewelry justice, but.  

Here's Lively stranded on the low-tide-only rock.  And a high tide that comes every 22 hours.  

And yeah.  Then a few holes start to set in.  When the shark shows its ugly head, she manages to swim to a rock that's fully submerged during high tide.  Except she spends the entire night on the rock, and high tide never comes til late in the afternoon the next day.   Umm, k.

This is the buoy she swims to when the rock is fully submerged due to high tide.
And when her buddies who she'd been surfing with the previous day see her the next morning out on the rock, and she screams to them to go back in the water, they're totally unphased, and dismiss her warnings by explaining to her that there are no sharks in the water.  Wouldn't they be slightly alarmed given her frantic state?

And the finale, which is well, where the movie becomes so bad that it's actually good.  The shark dies somehow by plummeting itself into an anchor at the bottom of the ocean.  Lively, barely alive, floats to shore.  Where she spots the little bird who'd been keeping her company and who's wing she fixed (I'm not doing the cheesiness of these scenes justice; you kind of just have to see the movie).

Then, in the final wrap up scene, Lively is back on the beach on Galveston with her sister and father.  (A little back story; her mother ('a real fighter') has just passed away, and Lively, a med student, had been taking a haitus from med school during her Tijuana stint.)  We're not quite sure if Lively's going to go in the water, given her traumatic experience with the shark.   As she heads into the water with her sister, her father beams "You're mother would be proud".  And her sister says, "Come on Dr. Linda, let's go."

Ha ha, it was fun to watch this one in the theater where people were laughing out loud at these final scenes which were intended to be wrought with emotion.   


Weiner : The Documentary

A lot of food for thought here in this fly on the wall documentary about Anthony Weiner's two scandals which brought about the end of his career as a politician.  I guess I'll focus on two principle women.

Huma, his wife.  Always impeccably dressed.  Made the documentary appear a bit staged in this respect.  I mean, she always looked so fucking good.  Those adorable dresses, the form fitting leggings. 


The Death of Elie Wiesel

The Great High Priest of the Holocaust has just passed away.

Did this man ever smile, ever?  I cannot believe how sickeningly maudlin he becomes when he speaks about the Holocaust and how, too, he sacralizes the event.
For me the future was then, um, a larger portion of bread in the morning.  And that larger portion of bread was to me more important than at the greatest book in the world, the greatest novel written by the greatest novelist.  Just a piece of bread.  This piece of bread means not only redemption but also truth.  If you want to know what truth is, think of a piece of bread.  

WTF is he talking about, honestly?  


You Don't Know Bo

Just finished watching "You Don't Know Bo" on Netflix.  Think that this was part of ESPN's 30 for 30.

Wow, this was so moving.  I really recommend it.  I can remember watching Bo play baseball back in the early 90s, and my uncle telling me how amazing it was that he had played for the NFL and Professional Baseball.  And then I never heard about him anymore.

This documentary goes into what a remarkable athlete Bo really was, back into his college days playing at Auburn, and even into high school with track and field.  He had so much raw talent.  And well, I guess I don't want to spoil anything, but the film also covers things that happened to him later in his career.

He seemed throughout his fame to remain a very sweet and down to earth person, and is interviewed throughout this film.  That's perhaps why this story really touched me.


Sequin Raze

Just discovered the 20 minute film Sequin Raze.  Really enjoyed it.  Thought that the actress Ashley Williams was excellent, playing a role within a role--conjuring up tears, etc.

Also loved the juxtaposition between the I-just-want-a-husband beauty queen reality show contestant, and the jaded, overworked, manipulative producer.  Definitely two different types of women here.

Just heard this enjoyable interview (you'll need to scroll down in the link to 6/27/16) with the creator of this film, Sarah Gertrude Shapiro which prompted me to watch the film.