The Meddler

First heard about this show when Charlie Rose interviewed the director, Lorene Scafaria, and lead actors Susan Sarandon and Rose Byrne

Guess it jumped out at me since it's always cool to see a woman director -- and she's quite young at that (under 40)!

A really well cast movie.

Really liked main character, played by Sarandon, a lot.  She's a meddlesome woman who encroaches on her daughter's life a bit too much, which is the main source of conflict in the story.  She's very sweet and perhaps too clueless about her bizarre altruistic behavior; including offering to pay for the wedding of her daughter's friend (which had to end up coasting over $60K, as she had Blues Travellers sing at it, plus the reception was held on a cruise), and giving the Apple worker who's helped her buy some ipads rides to his classes when she realizes he's been taking the bus.

Her husband has recently died, leaving her with a lot of money and I guess a vacuum in any sense of what to do with herself.  

I also really liked the daughter, and well, the kind of darkness in her life regarding men and relationships; an ex who she'd still like to be together with is with someone else now, and she acknowledges to her mother that even though being with him would make her happy, that it's not something she can decide.  It was a little dark, but true to life probably.

J. K. Simmons and Michael McKean play roles as Sarandon's new love interests.

Scafaria wrote this movie as well I believe, and it's based (perhaps hyperbolically) on her own relationship with her mother.  She does one funny thing where in certain scenes she'll focus on Sarandon then play a song really loudly; suggesting this is the emotion in Sarandon's head.  Kind of cool, I thought.

All of the characters lived in an extremely upper-upper middle class world; for example at a baby shower all of the guests sat in chairs, like an audience, while the host opened presents.  Maybe you have to see the movie, but it was a WAY over the top baby shower.  It seemed sickening and I don't know, kind of unrealistic.  Or maybe I just don't spend enough time in those circles.

Overall though, I'd say it's a solid B movie!

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