Shoulda Coulda Woulda

I've been noticing a 'what if' sentiment regarding Trump's ascendency to the GOP Nomination.

If (only) Jon Stewart were still around, this might not have happened!  What if Lindsay Graham had been able to be at the "big kids table" debate; this might not have happened!

And yeah.  Imo, these are valid speculations.  Comedy can venture into some journalistic realms and make inciting statements that plain-old journalists can't always get away with.  "I'm just joking", says (for example) John Oliver, after accusing the police force in the US of being a paramilitary organization.

And yeah, no doubt Jon Stewart played a part in shaping the political narrative, and his absence has left a vacuum.  In this article, professor Sophia A. McClennen eviscerates his replacement Trevor Noah and blames him for Trump.  That's going a bit far.  However, in Noah, Stewart seemed to be trying to fill too many quotas; a Jew, a minority, a 'i-grew-up-in-third-world squalor', and perhaps he overlooked the criteria for genuine raw talent.

And Graham!  Really enjoyed his interview here with David Axelrod on his fairly new podcast The Axe Files.  What an enjoyable character, I hadn't appreciated this somehow from listening to him in the happy hour debates.  Anyway, Graham makes the point that no one in the big-kids debate attacked Trump where he's the weakest; on the issues.

I see in Donald Trump someone who sells policy in in short sound-bites with no chance of achieving the goal...here's the problem with Trump: nobody's really hit him where he's the weakest and that's his policies.   I'd given anything to be on the debate stage and said, 'I'm not going to stop until you tell me how we deport 11 million people, how much it cost, who told you could deport an American, you know, a child of an illegal immigrant who was born here in the United States; tell me who that lawyer was cuz I want to talk to them.'  

I would have like to have seen this.  And I do think that exposing Trump for this Emperor-has-no-clothes policies may have wreaked destruction for Trump.  (What did people discuss with Trump at the debates?)

But so may what ifs.  We've got who we've got.  I love, too, what else Graham says; all Clinton needs to go is get out of the way.  (And we will all watch Trump self-destruct.)

Or will we?  Let's get some popcorn and find out, it's going to be a wild next several months.  I, for one, cannot wait to watch those debates!  

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