Jews, Jews Everywhere.

I spent much of the weekend and earlier this week listening to Charlie Rose's recent political interviews, as well as digging through his archives on fashion designers.  And found myself listening to a shocking number of Jews.

And I've mentioned this before on this blog, and I'm not quite sure why it's still a shock....but when three of Rose's last four political interviews are with Jews (Maggie Haberman, Mark Halperin, Andrew Ross Sorkin), and three of the four fashion interviews that I listened to are with Jews (Ralph Lauren, Donna Karin, Isaac Mizrahi), I once again felt startled.

Oh, plus I listend to his recent interviews with Marc Maron and Louis C.K (both of Jewish descent).

And, in other media, today I listend to Alec Baldwin's interview with Anthony Weiner (Jew), who's now being depicted in the documentary Weiner by guess what, another Jew (Pauly Shore).

Couldn't hep but think, wow, this is undeniably skewed.  --Jews represent less than 2% of the nations overall population.  And yet we're subjected to listening to them over and over and over and over in the media, in politics, in comedy---as one commenter on Brother Nathaniel's Real Jew News put it; "Jews certainly have more than their fair share of influence and power."

And that's not to say that I didn't enjoy these interviews, in fact I enjoyed them all, a lot.  That's why I listened!  But couldn't help but wonder, at the same time, at how it is that, as I've said above, Jews are so overwhelmingly overrepresented in this culture.

(oh, and after posting this blog, I listened to this interview with Scooter Braun--Jew, discoverer-and-manager of Justin Beiber, on Rose.  Sheesh).

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