Steve Jobs: The Movie

OMG the decision to put Seth Rogan into this movie.  Could an actor be more insipid, vomit-inducing, self-loving and not-funny-when-trying-to-be-funny?

Wow.  That almost blew it for me, but somehow managed to sit through all 122 minutes of this rather bizarrely conceived movie which consists entirely of about thirteen dozen heart to heart discussions between Steve Jobs and a litany of 'important people in his life' back stage preceding various product launches.  ("Important people" include Joanna Hoffman, Steve Wozniak, Christen and Lisa Brennan-Jobs' daughter, and Andy Hertzfeld)

I suppose screenwriter Aaron Sorkin feels that he got himself off the hook in when he has Jobs say (something like) "Why does everyone want to come and have a long winded heart to heart with me at a product launch?"

But he really doesn't.  This is a well, trying-to-be-a-good movie movie.  Um, yeah.  And is anyone but me going to point out that Sorkin, Rogan, and Michael Stuhlbarg AND producer Scott Rudin are all Jews?  I believe we've got another case of major Hollywood cronyism here.

Kate Winslet really does do a good job as Joanna Hoffman, Jobs' 'work-wife', and deserves the nomination.  Fassbender was awesome as Jobs.

But yeah, Rogan really got in the way.  You felt like you were watching a serious drama, then the camera would shoot to Rogan and your brain would immediately start to reference the plethora of penis jokes he's made on camera in the past.

Could somebody please stop him from showing up in otherwise fairly decent movies?  And Sorkin from writing so many goddamned screenplays?

Well, maybe that's about all I have to say about this movie.  Except that it does give an interesting glimpse into real Steve Jobs.  

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