Reflections on Reflections of Republican Debates

After having listened to five or six podcasts on the Republican debates, and reading a little bit about it too, I've come across a few additional insightful observations.

Many seem to think that now that Fiorina has risen in the polls, she'll fall under further scrutiny, particularly her stint at Hewlett Packard.  And it's unclear whether or not that stint deserved acclaim.  One podcaster said it best; when she came on board at HP it was as though a captain came aboard a sinking ship; many people were lost (35K layoffs) yet at the same time the ship didn't sink.  And eventually, she was fired.  Oh, and this letter in the Wall Street Journal in which the board apologizes and says firing her was a huge mistake - it looks like that ad was paid for by her SuperPac.  Oh, and the stock of HP went way down turing her tenure, and rose immediately after she left.  Well, I don't know.  It may be hard for her to spin this in her favor, and under further scrutiny may become a totally inviable nominee.

Another podcaster said that her emphatic, impassioned speech in the debates against Planned Parenthood will have all of liberal media and politicians laying in on her.  And they kind of have, already; consider this article from Salon.  Hm, well my impression as well is that PP has a tremendous amount of clout in Washington.  I wonder what's at stake for Fiorina.  On the other side of the coin, many people (myself included) LOVE her for her Planned Parenthood speech, and will quite likely vote for her purely on those grounds (I'm revolted at how willingly she'll be kissing Israel's ass, but am willing to look past it).

So yeah, that's where I stand anyway.

But others have said that it's quite likely that the enthusiasm from Trump will die, and that one of the more established contenders will win the day, such as Rubio or Cruz.  (It should be pointed out that both of these men, as well as Scott Walker, are in their 40s, and so even if they don't win the nomination, we may continue to see them for years to come.)

And that in this situation, Fiorina would make an ideal nominee for Vice President.

The Salon article linked above also mentions that the same Superpac that supported Cruz has given money to Fiorina, which is quite unusual.  This doubling down with donations has been interpreted by some as a desire to have a woman in the Republican Primary so that she can speak out against Hilary.  And it makes sense.  And Fiorina has spoken quite explicitly against Hilary, one quote from her is "Hilary Clinton cannot become President of the United States."  

Well, yeah, and some other feedback is a disappointment in Rand Paul that he never got into discussing of true libertarian principles.  I felt the same way.  He just doesn't seem at all like his father, who I think is awesome.

Well, there's a few derivative reflections for ya!

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