Oscar Bait

It's Oscar Bait season!  Here's some movies coming out that will likely be nominated for various awards.

Brooklyn - November 4th.  This looks pretty good, an interesting love triangle movie to 'escape' into about in Irish immigrant to the US in the 1930s.  Finally a movie that doesn't have tons of Jews directing, acting (k, except Emory Cohen, cast to play the Italian character), and name dropping throughout the movie (Mistress America and Frances Ha, in this respect, really grated on me); it looks like it rather focuses on Irish and Italian cultures.


Jewish Emmy Winners

Amazed at the number of Jews who won at the Emmys.  In the winners list below, of 24 people (as well as Daily Show, since it's hosted by Jon Stewart), 8 are Jews.  This is 33% Jewish winners, as compared a 2% Jewish representation in the general population.  Skewed, perhaps?  Additionally, Andy Samburg hosted the event.  

Game of Thrones,
Viola Davis
Jon Hamm
Allison Janney
Peter Dinklage
Uzo Aduba
Julia Louis-Dreyfus
Tony Hale
Jeffrey Tambor
Frances McDormand
The Voice
Olive Kitteridge
, (show)
Regina King
Armando Iannucci
Simon Blackwell
Tony Roche
Richard Jenkins
David Nutter
D. B. Weiss
David Benioff
Bill Murray
Jane Anderson
The Daily Show
Lisa Cholodenko
Jill Soloway
Chuck O'Neil
Inside Amy Schumer
The Daily Show

Primetime Emmy Award, Winners (2015)


Reflections on Reflections of Republican Debates

After having listened to five or six podcasts on the Republican debates, and reading a little bit about it too, I've come across a few additional insightful observations.

Many seem to think that now that Fiorina has risen in the polls, she'll fall under further scrutiny, particularly her stint at Hewlett Packard.  And it's unclear whether or not that stint deserved acclaim.  One podcaster said it best; when she came on board at HP it was as though a captain came aboard a sinking ship; many people were lost (35K layoffs) yet at the same time the ship didn't sink.  And eventually, she was fired.  Oh, and this letter in the Wall Street Journal in which the board apologizes and says firing her was a huge mistake - it looks like that ad was paid for by her SuperPac.  Oh, and the stock of HP went way down turing her tenure, and rose immediately after she left.  Well, I don't know.  It may be hard for her to spin this in her favor, and under further scrutiny may become a totally inviable nominee.


Republican Debate Reflections

Watched the CNN Republican Debates in their entirety, parts 1 and 2.  Felt like I was binge watching the Hunger Games series.

A huge respite to have Jake Tapper moderate after having to listen to Megyn Kelly in the Fox debates.

At this point, the candidates are working to appeal to a conservative base and made many overtly conservative statements (regarding abortion, gay marriage) that perhaps will become more nuanced coming from the mouth of the Republican Nominee.

Discussing these issues from this extreme conservative position on a national spotlight will affect the discourse in this country.

In the preliminary debates (Rick Santorum and Bobby Jindal, Lindsay Graham, George Pataki), we heard emphatic disapproval of the Supreme Court Justice ruling on same sex marriage, saying that it was both unconstitutional and against natural law.


Everest: the movie

This is an awesome movie to see in 3-D.  Highly recommend seeing this on the big screen, in an IMAX theater; it makes you feel like you're really feel like you're in the movie.

Overall I'd say this cinematic rendition of the 1996 Mt. Everest hiking tragedy recounted in the book "Into Thin Air" (as well as several other books) is excellent.  Think that we've made it into Oscar Season.  

Icelandic director Baltasar Kormukar's cast an impressive team, including Jason Clark, Jake Gyllenhaal, Josh Brolin, Emily Watson--she's awesome, honestly think she deserves an Oscar nod, Keira Knightly and Robin Wright.

However, perhaps it's TOO many characters; I like the point that reviewer Mike Scott made; "Kormukar has a lot of balls to keep in the air, as he tries to split his films focus between an unwieldy number of main characters" (read full review here)  After I left the theater I asked someone; "did the Jake Gyllenhaal  character die?"  It was hard to keep track of everyone.

But the movie  certainly captivated my imagination, when I got home I read up on Everest and the real life characters in the 1996 tragedy.


"There's going to be a revolution.  It's going to happen.  I haven't a flicker of doubt."

Russell Brand


Good Game!

today between the Seahawks and the Rams.  The score went back and forth five times, and the Rams finally won in overtime.

Although I'm bummed, it was good to see both teams putting up a real fight, both the quarterbacks are so young (26/27), and several times each ran with the ball, Foles even scored a touchdown this way.

Well, looking forward to this football season.


Usual Suspects vs. Mistress America

Just saw the Usual Suspects again this weekend for a special 20th anniversary showing at a local theater.  The first time I saw this movie I was totally floored, and even had nightmares it so toyed with my imagination.

The second time around, however.......