Holocaust Propoganda Movies?

Recently watched the 2014 movie 'Ida' and found it to be very very good.....a very interesting story about a young nun about to take her final vows, who then discovers that she's in fact a Jew and orphaned due to the Holocost.

Reflecting on it afterwards, however, I wondered how it is that SO many Hollywood movies use the Holocaust as a central theme.  Just off the top of my head, I can name over a half dozen......"Marathon Man", "Sophie's Choice", "Life is Beautiful", "The Pianist", "Julia", "The Reader", and of course "Schindler's List".  And that's just skimming the surface.

And these are all excellent movies.....well directed, written, and acted, with engrossing story lines.  Clearly, they have all had the effect of captivating the viewer's imagininations and leaving them with indelible memories about the horrific Holocaust.

Which it was, undoubtedly.  Can't help but think, however, that perhaps this emphasis exclusively on The Holocaust is, well, inordinate.  Since SOO many heinous tragedies have befallen so many in the past 100-200 years.  The near extinction of Native Americans, America's enslaving Africans, the death of 10 million Congolese under the Force Publique (has this been covered in film, ever?), Hiroshima, Dresden, and ethnic cleansing in Palestine (when is Speilberg going to make a blockbuster about the deaths of civilian Palestinians at the hands of Israelis?), and Japanese War Atrocities, just to name a few.  None of these events even come close to receiving the coverage that Hollywood's given to the Holocaust.  

And I wonder as to the reason for this overt bias.  This article, in which Brother Nathaneal Kapner highlights many of the Jews who run the media in the US perhaps helps to explain Hollywood's emphasis on the Holocaust.

And in his book, "The Holocaust Industry" Norman Finkelstein suggests that the Jew's emphasis on the Holocaust serves an overt political agenda; to turn Israeli's into victims and allow them to pursue a violent Middle East agenda without reproach.

And, even if the bias is due only to coincidence (highly unlikely), I think that it's perhaps best to take these movies with a grain of salt, since an inordinate inundation with the Holocaust, to the exclusion of other equally horrific events, will give one a skewed view of history and reality.

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