Jurassic World

I saw Jurassic World after listening to several revealing podcast reviews, so went in thinking, 'ok, this is going to be a B/B+ movie, don't have high expectations, it's a fun summer popcorn movie.'

And this is exactly what it was.  It kept me entertained for two hours.  It had beautiful scenery (filmed in Hawaii, supposedly an island in Coasta Rica), and many many dinosaur attack scenes.  It's definitely a big screen movie.  Had I watched this movie at home on my computer, I don't think I would have made it past 30 minutes.

As I think back through the characters in the movie, the ones I'm most drawn to are two more obscure supporting characters; Jake Johnson and Lauren Lapkus, both employees in the control room at the Jurassic World Park.  It's funny that I'd be drawn to them, given their relative insignifance to the entire plot, but I guess that somehow they seemed the most real to me.

Pretty much all of the leading characters in the movie seemed so heavily exaggerated that I had a hard time seeing them as people.  The little boy with his mop of hair, which made him look like 'mommy's little darling', his older brother who's becoming obsessed with women and has a penchant for rebellion and adventure, the leading lady who's an ice queen and who begins to melt by the middle of the movie, the Chris Pratt character who's some navy-sealish-knows-everything-type, the Indian owner who's an expensive suit guy, the Vincent D'Onofrio character who's the fat-headed and opinionated & railroads the park with his ideas about how to use the raptors, and who's proven wrong in the end.  Dunno, none of the people in there made me think, yeah, I can relate.  I mean, even Chris Pratt's house, which I think was supposed to look inviting and homey, just looked like some cliche to me, with the trailer, and the fold up chirs, the guitar.

Hmmmmmm.......these control room characters maybe seemed a little more like someone who you'd see in an Duplass Brother's movie.  Jake Johnson's character wearing and old Jurassic Park shirt that he purchased on ebay, his desk is covered with miniatures; when he tries to kiss her Lapkus says that she has a boyfriend but had never mentioned it because she doesn't talk about personal life at work.

And that's not to say that these characters are really really engrossing.  They're not.  They're just the most captivating.

So yeah, this movie is a bit hollow, but it's a fun reason to get out on a summer night.

It's like what Graham Elwood said in this really fun JP spoiler episode (I'm paraphrasing)  'when you're on the roller coaster you don't get knit-pickey about the roller coaster story; you're in it for the ride'.

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