Jane Eyre 'by' Cary Fukunaga

This was a pretty good version.  Somehow I missed it when it came out in 2011.  Mia Wasikowska as Jane Eyre was well cast; she plays the plain & introverted character of Jane very well.  Michael Fassbender is perhaps too handsome to play Mr. Rochester.  I actually laughed at the end when Rochester is blind and he's suppossed to look ragged and horrible, and it's just impossible to make someone like Fassbender look horrible, so he looks more ruggedly handsome.  But he is good in the role; a good casting decision but not exaclty a great one.

Really like this story.

The woman in the attic


Jurassic World

I saw Jurassic World after listening to several revealing podcast reviews, so went in thinking, 'ok, this is going to be a B/B+ movie, don't have high expectations, it's a fun summer popcorn movie.'

And this is exactly what it was.  It kept me entertained for two hours.  It had beautiful scenery (filmed in Hawaii, supposedly an island in Coasta Rica), and many many dinosaur attack scenes.  It's definitely a big screen movie.  Had I watched this movie at home on my computer, I don't think I would have made it past 30 minutes.

As I think back through the characters in the movie, the ones I'm most drawn to are two more obscure supporting characters; Jake Johnson and Lauren Lapkus, both employees in the control room at the Jurassic World Park.  It's funny that I'd be drawn to them, given their relative insignifance to the entire plot, but I guess that somehow they seemed the most real to me.


Love and Mercy and Good Vibrations

Recently saw the biopic 'Love and Mercy' about Beach Boys singer and writer Brian Wilson.
Directed by Israeli director Bill Pohlad, Melinda and Brian Wilson have been working to create this movie since 1999!

Loved the way that this movie showed how the song Good Vibrations came together.  Wilson wrote this song using a huge variety of instruments, including flute, jaw harp, string base, and cellos at the end.  He also wrote the instrumental sections in different keys, saying that even though it maybe didn't look right on paper, it looked right in his head.