What's in a Director?

Just discovered that Sophia Coppola's dropped out of directing The Little Mermaid, and I'm SOOOOO disappointed.

Made my enthusiasm for the movie jump from 110% to about 15%, and really doubt I'll go see the movie now.

Made me appreciate just how much impact the director has on a film.  Previously, I'd thought that the director perhaps receives too much credit, and the actors and the writers treated as WAY secondary to the creation of movies.

And it's a good point....I mean, consider the writing for a Paddy Chayefsky movie, or a Mamet movie.  Their writing MAKES the movie.

I guess that Coppola's aesthetic is so original and very much her own, and vibrant and trendy, that it just makes her movies so fun to watch.

Here's a trailer of what we're (sob) missing out on.  (the only thing I didn't like about this trailer is how it recommended her on grounds that she's Francis Ford Coppola's daughter....um, now is that really a valid criteria for acclaim??)

Here's what I consider her greatest scene!

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