Obama on a podcast

Just feel like I have to put in my two cents regarding Obama's recent interview on WTF, just b/c everyone else seems to be gushing about it.

The interview itself I couldn't listen to.  Listened about 5 minutes in, then had to turn it off to prevent myself from puking.  For a few moments I bemoaned the fact that we've elected such a milquetoast president, then I got on with my life.

The problem that I had with the interview is the point that Graham and Chris brought up on their podcast Comedy Film Nerds; any politician, particularly the president, will only give an interview that's been heavily scripted, whereas the podcasting medium is known for its intimacy and authenticity.

Couldn't figure out, either, exactly why the president wanted to do this, so late here in his presidential tenure.  He's got nothing to plug.  Does he just have some free time on his hands?

It makes me wonder, too, about the podcasting medium altogether.  Since this interview seems to refute what Howard Stern so popularly said about podcasts being irrelevant, about how podcasters don't make money, etc.

Podcasts are about as significant as blogs; and yes, in the same sense that many, or most bloggers do not make a living with their blog, the medium itself has a huge impact.

There you have it.  Guess that's about all I have to say on the subject.

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