David Oyelowo & Russell Brand

Listened to some interesting interviews & shows this week.

Terri Gross interviewed David Oyelowo a few days ago, who recently starred in the movie Selma, playing the role of Martin Luther King Jr.  What struck me most about this interview was to learn that Oyelowo is a devout Christian, and that he in facts prays to God about whether or not to accept a role that's offered to him.
 A part of his motivation, he says, is that what we see on movies profoundly shapes the culture and so he feels responsibility for what he put out into the world.  He doesn't accept roles for movies that celebrate the darkness.
This devout Christian perspective within Hollywood contrasts sharply with the claim (that so many make) of Hollywood being a vehicle for the occult.
What I mean to say is that Hollywood cannot be entirely dismissed, as people like Oyelowo are using it as a medium for conveying a Christian message.

Another good show; Russell Brand reacts to the conviction of life without parole for Ross Ulbricht, who ran the online drug operation Silk Road.  Brand claims that, rather than sending Ulbricht to jail on the grounds that 'he was selling drugs, and that's bad', the powers that be were actually motivated by the threat Silk Road posed, in that it utilized covert internet channels that neither the FBI nor CIA could monitor.  His stiff conviction, then, was to send a message to other internet entrepreneurs like Ulbricht.  

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