Start-up Podcast

So I've been listening to this podcast for awhile now.  They talk about it being in its 'second season' but I really can't imagine that I started listening more than 6 months ago.  They must have 4-5 month seasons or something.

So, yeah, it's a podcast about start-up businesses, and examines what it's really like to start a business.   They started with themselves; host and founder Alex Blumberg re-hashes everything that he had to go through, financially and otherwise, to make the leap with his new podcast.

Alex is, well, let's just say, a hands-down Ira Glass clone.  It's so overt I can hardly keep myself from laughing as I listen to him.  I want to say something to him like, "you actually think that you're an original voice?"  People who still think Ronan Farrow is the biological son of Woody Allen aren't as delusional as this guy.

k, but, putting that aside, the content of the podcast is pretty good.  And anyway, if you're going to imitate someone, Ira's a decent, if somewhat banal, way to go.

The past several episodes of the podcast follow a start-up online matchmaking company called Dating Ring.  And it's fascinating to hear about the struggles these women go through to find investors in their company, the sexism they face along the way, as well as realize the enormous amount of money that it takes to start a business.

I love to follow these women and hear their story.  Since they're very much, it sounds anyway, venturing in a man's world.

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