Great Netflix Comedy Specials

Listened to some great Netflix Comedy Specials this week......Chelsea Peretti's "One of the Greats" and Jen Kirkman's "I'm Gonna Die Alone (And I feel Fine).  Both of these ladies did a fine, fine job.  Peterri's may have been a bit finer.

So yeah, I guess that I listened to these specials with Bonnie McFarlane's "Women Aren't Funny" in the back of my mind....


This tweet

represents what I find so disconcerting about so many of these vacuous voices that we get to listen to in mainstream media; it's intended to solicit an emotional response, and the facts are totally wrong.

Since, as any informed person knows, practicing Catholics represent a tiny minority of Ireland's current population.  (Although as recently as 1970 about 90% of Ireland's population identified as 'practicing Catholics', meaning, generally, they attended Mass weekly.  This decline has been drastic).

Basically, it's an attempt to make us MAD, opinionated, and at the same time be uninformed.  Which is why it bothers me that so many people have favorited and retweeted this tweet.  It's indicative of how many angry idiots really are out there.

(Who the hell is Ann Coulter?  No, seriously.  Who is she?  Why the clout?  She seems to be some air headed blonde bimbo who gets to appear on Sunday morning News dais'.  I could provide some more examples of unbelievable dreck she's written.  Maybe another day.).


Marc Maron interviewed Terri Gross

a few weeks back and he's posted it here in episode 604.  This was such a great interview.  I loved hearing more about Terri Gross, after hearing her interview SOO many people.  It's amazing to me that she said at first she didn't like hearing the sound of her voice.  I've heard that over and over again from podcasters.  I know that I don't like to hear the sound of my voice....but sort of thought that professional interviewers wouldn't have the same issue.


This video is TOO funny!

Gonna miss Dave.  

The last segment of the final Late Show literally brought tears to my eyes; the Foo Fighters singing "Everlong" lent an emotional backdrop to the re-cap of so many scenes from the Late Show over the years. 

Couldn't figure out, really, why I was so sad....since I hardly ever watch Letterman.  Except that I could recall him from so many moments in my life, that go WAY back, to middle school, college.  It's just amazes me that he's been around for so long.  

What is it about Dave?  Someone recently said that there's a sadness to Dave, and maybe that's a part of it.  



I've ben REALY enjoying this twitter account.  Someone, somehow, is rifling through thousands of Amazon movie reviews and surfacing the crema; that is the most ridiculous, hilarious & pithy reviews out there.  Here's some of my faves (the movie it's reviewing is shown at the bottom of the tweet).  


Start-up Podcast

So I've been listening to this podcast for awhile now.  They talk about it being in its 'second season' but I really can't imagine that I started listening more than 6 months ago.  They must have 4-5 month seasons or something.

So, yeah, it's a podcast about start-up businesses, and examines what it's really like to start a business.   They started with themselves; host and founder Alex Blumberg re-hashes everything that he had to go through, financially and otherwise, to make the leap with his new podcast.


podcasts, podcasts


Listening to four podcasts this morning then was scraping the bottom of the barrel (my podcasts subscriptions) for something else I hadn't listened to & that looked interesting and fell upon this interview of Edie Falco by Alec Baldwin.

Can't believe that I let this one slip by!  (oh, and let me let you in on a little secret.....Vanity Fair uses his podcasts as material for articles.  As evidenced by this interview with James Toback and this article.  Same material, interview 6 months before the article.)

Back to the point.  Falco's an interesting lady!  Never married, single woman just over 50 who's adopted two children; a self-chosen single parent.

Not to mention going through chemo without telling anyone on the entire Soprano's cast.

Huh.  The most interesting thing I've heard all day anyway.  Recommend it.