Aziz at Madison Square Garden

Really liked his performance from last year at Madison Square Garden, which surprised me.  Watched it twice.  (It's on Netflix).

Maybe I could identify with his topics; he discusses the selfishness in social interactions ~ people responding 'maybe' chronically to invitations, since something better might come up, and he shows a strong partiality to the single life.  When the audience applauds after he announces that he's in a relationship, he tells them not to, as he never received any applause when he used to tell an audience that he was single.  

At one point he reads the text correspondence between an audience member and a man she'd recently met.  His ad lib at this part was very good, he got a kick out of her opening her schedule up; she tells the guy she was available to meet Wed, or Thursday, or Friday.  It was cool to watch Aziz laughing on stage.

Aziz is only 32.  To sell out a stadium like that, and perform an entire hour of comedy, it's impressive.  The last bit I wasn't so crazy about tho, when he rifs on the stages of life 'most' people go through (dating, marriage, kids, widowhood).  Oh, and his parents come on stage at the end, which was very sweet.

Listened to Aziz made me harken back to Joan Rivers dealing with this heckler.  I liked watching her so much; her feistiness, she's not really going to take a lot from anyone.  But even more so, I liked her explanation for why "he was so stupid"; that comedy is about helping us to laugh and deal with things, and that he was an ass to take the joke (about a deaf child) so literally.

Gilbert Gottfried had his most enjoyable podcast so far with Steve Buschemi, Buschemi recalled a joke Gottfried told in his earlier days; when he saw a Vietnam vet in a wheelchair, Gottfried would tell him,  I know how you feel.  My car wouldn't start this morning.

Yeah, a real literalist would take exception to that joke.  Others would recognize that he's looking at heinous situations and creating some joy.

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