Jon Stewart is LEAVING!!!!

Did anyone see this coming?  There's been quite a reshuffling with the talk show hosts this past year.

Here's some of my favorite tweets (links to articles) regarding his departure.  


Glenn Greenwald's Breaking News vs. Snowden

So I'm reading Glenn Greenwald's book "No Place To Hide" about his Hong-Kong meeting with Snowden in 2013.  It's very interesting; so far has read like a real-life thriller.

Greenwald relays the step-by-step process that he, Poitras, and Snowden communicated the NSA leakage to the media; first by breaking the Verizon-NSA story in the Guardian, followed by several other stories regarding NSA surveillance (PRISM, boundless informant, internet search engine surveillance), and finally, several days later, revealing the source, Snowden, via The Guardian and Poitras' video interview.


Carols Mencia on WTF

Yeah, so this interview, and the following one, brings up the issue of plagiarism, and it's a real fuzzy line.  Mencia emphatically denies the numerous allegations that he's stolen other comic's jokes--except for the jokes that are so generic it's like re-telling 'the chicken who crossed the road'.  Marc then interviews 2 other comics who tell the other side of the story, saying that yes, he most certainly did steal jokes, and not the generic kind.

I don't really know who to believe on this one.  One thing that Mencia does fess up to, however, is that he just basically can be mean, and nasty and competitive with other comics; that he somehow thinks it's justified b/c of things that they have done to him.  For example, once when Marc was scheduled to go onstage, Mencia ran such a long set that Marc just left for the night; and Mencia admits to doing this a lot; bumping comics.  It sounds like the comedy world in general can get a bit nasty.

Maybe anyplace is.

However, this interview brings up the issue of when imitating/stealing is bad, and when it's ok?  For example, I'm blown away at the similarity of the speaking style of Alex Blumberg, host of StartUp podcast and Ira Glass, of This American Life.  Clearly Blumberg has become some sort of a Glass clone, with the exact same jagged way of speaking; fast then slow, then pause, then fast etc.  And it's perfectly alright, apparently, since Blumberg is a protege of TAM.

It's kind of like when someone gets called out on it, it's bad.  I don't know.  


Gilbert Gottfried on WTF

What I don't get about Gilbert Gottfried is who Gilbert really is.  This character that he performs is so bizarre and exaggerated, and I wonder if it's an exaggerated version of himself, or if it's just totally fictional?

Anyway, he's pretty much in character in the interview, I'd say, and although he does talk about his childhood and the development of his career,  I don't know that it really reveals a whole lot about the guy.

But I still really do like Gottfried, I especially like his podcast, he's so pleasant and respectable to his guests, it makes me realize that there's a very genuine person behind all of his vulgarity.


Wyatt Cenac on WTF

This is Marc's first interview with an African-American.  In the Carolos Mencia interview he admits to living in a kind of bubble--for example he doesn't know a lot about so many of the Latino comics either.

Anyway, this interview wasn't bad.  Cenac talks about getting his jeep repoed, and I guess that it gets at the heart of the financial struggles of a seemingly successful comedian.  Funny guy.


Janeane Garofalo on WTF

This is an old, old interview from WTF, and it doesn't seem to get at the heart of things like so many of Marc's later interviews do.  It's almost like a brief, somewhat shallow conversation.  Garofalo tells us about her diet, which is kind of unbelievable.  She tries to eat nothing with calories in it (only cigarettes, gum, drip coffee) until night fall, at which point she eats whatever she wants, and as much of it as she wants.  This is how she maintains her weight, while at the same time is able to eat things like Ben and Jerry's.  She also explains why she doesn't want to have kids--it's like being in a constant state of anxiety for 18 years, and additionally no matter how hard a parent tries, their kid can still turn out 'messed up.'  Dunno.  As much as I want to like her,  I found this interview to be a little dark.

Also most definitely not Marc at his best.  This is a Marc warm up.


Andrew Dice Clay on WTF

Dice talks about his comedic persona in this interview, and I can't help but wonder if he's almost always in this persona?  It's kind of an unattractive persona, imho; extremely machismo, too cool for everyone, constantly talking about exaggerated sexual conquests.  Dunno.  Don't really like him.  Not too surprised that he's gotten divorced three times.  Maybe that's catty of me to say.

Wouldn't help to fill an auditorium of this guys show.

And Dice does talk about the ups and downs of his career, too......sounds as though he at one point could fill an auditorium, and now days he's having to gamble to come up with money (and he's rather successful at that....or at least initially can make a lot of money playing poker and then loses it all.  Sounds like his comedic persona is an exaggerated version of himself.)  

And Marc may have gone a little easy on Dice.  Given that he's controversial, and due to his material has even been banned from MTV.  Marc kind of picks and chooses who he'll lay into and who he won't.  Maybe he's intimidated by a thug from Brooklyn.