Ray Romano and Mike Royce on WTF

Maron calls these guys the nicest guys in show business--and makes the perhaps even higher compliment that Romano is a guy who no one has ever said anything bad about.  Hm.  That says a lot, I think, about a person's character.

It's interesting to think that you can be a nice guy and still be successful in show business.

They discuss Men of Certain Age, which at the time of the interview was still airing.  I like that show......about disillusioned men approaching 50.  Although it did start to get a little dark by the time it was cancelled at the end of the 2nd season.

So much better than Everybody Loves Raymond.

And they do seem like nice guys.

Well I guess that's that.  


Mike Schmidt on WTF

As much as I like Mike Schmidt, he came across as his own biggest problem in this interview.  Or at least that's what Marc seems to have concluded.  When Schmidt talks about all of the alienation within his family; of his five brothers he's only still speaking to one; Marc says something like "the common denominator in all of these relationships is you".

After the several times that Schmidt alludes to the failure of his career in comedy to launch, Maron also suggests that perhaps this is due to a lack of volition.

Dunno.  I don't understand why Schmidt is only a marginally successful comedian, and Maron is much more successful.

Maybe this interview felt like the big guy picking on the little guy.  I don't know what to conclude, really.


Gallagher on Marc Maron

Yeah, this is the first (and only?) interview where someone walks out on Marc.  I think Marc was pretty hard on Gallagher, almost begging for the schism.  He really laid into Gallagher for some jokes that he made about gays, and Gallagher essentially says 'they were jokes' and Maron something like 'yeah, but jokes to denigrate gays', and Gallagher says 'no', and Maron says 'yes', then they go around in this circle until Gallagher walks out.
Hm, kind of disappointing to see that Gallagher's career seems to be at a bit of a standstill, given that he was pretty successful back in the day.  He came across as a bit of a curmudgeon in the interview, which perhaps accounts for his decline.


Russell Brand on WTF

This interview with Russell Brand was recorded around 2010, or at least when Brand was still married to Katy Perry.  Um, he seems to have gone through several reincarnations in the past 10/15 years, and his interviews reflect this.  Probably some of the best interviews he's done (that I've seen) has been his most recent, with Jeremy Paxman and the British Huffington Post, when he's talking more about his worldview and not himself.  In his interview with Marc he discusses his struggles with addiction, his childhood.  Dunno.  Nothing too striking to me about it.  Although I do think that Brand has fascinating things to say.....they just didn't start coming out for a few more years.


John Oliver / Dr. Maron on WTF

This is one of the most original interviews!  By 'original' I mean oldest, but it was also quite raw and unscripted as well.  Marc asks very facetious and heavy-handed questions to John Oliver; such as "We're at the end of our empire; how did you handle it when your empire ended?"  He didn't get into all of the juicy 'tell me about your most troubling experiences' that's so wont of a WTF episode today.

Much, much lighter this episode was.

The best part of this interview, by far, was Dr. Marion.  OMG, hilarious.  A funnier riff could not have been written.  Dr. Maron starts off my telling Marc about a knuckle that he's just performed perfect surgery on.....and then relayed his ambition to place video kiosks in all the fast-food restaurants across the nation; showing either comedy or health-related shows.  He's planning to reach out to the CEOs of fast-food establishments, and wants Marc to climb on board.

OMG, so funny.  This episode made me realize that the dad character on the show Maron was not at all exaggerated.


Eddie Brill / Toby Maron on WTF

(Toby Maron is Marc's Mom)  Really liked both halves of this interview.  WTF was kind of a different beast back at this point, just Episode 28.  For example, currently he almost never interviews two different people on the same show.  Sometimes now the show will start with someone doing a plug, then cut to the interview, but not two separate interviews.

A very tongue in cheek discussion with his mother, in which she imparts her priceless dieting tips; exercise three hours everyday, eat (almost entirely) diet/fat free foods, and put a picture of your fat self on the refrigerator to remind you of where you've come from.  No wonder Marc obsesses over his weight, having been raised by this woman!

Eddie Brill, former Letterman booker, was awesome.  These first WTF interviews were better, in a way, from what Marc's doing now b/c he was a little rougher, willing to put it all out there.  In this interview Maron shares some of his new material with Brill, and Brill works with him on it.  So interesting to hear about how to clean up stand-up comedy.


Jon Favreau on WTF

I like Jon Favreau.  He seems like an honest guy.  Hadn't realized that he starting out doing improv comedy, or that his character in the movie Swingers was an exaggerated version of himself, reacting to/getting over a break-up in his later 20s.

His career arc didn't seem to involve that long, relentless ambition/struggle to make it in show business; he in fact spend a year on Wall Street and then seriously considered becoming a fireman, even passing the necessary exam.  When he discovered 2nd City, however, he fell in love, and decided to commit himself to improv comedy.  He and Marc talk about getting into that 'improv zone' where you're acting at an almost psychic/intuitive level.

This interview makes me even more interested in seeing Chef.  It didn't get spectacular reviews, but then I really like the guy, he seems to have a lot of heart, and I'd like to see more of what he's done.


Kumail on WTF

Maron discusses some Pakistani politics and Islam, amongst many other things, with Kumail Nanjiani on this 49th episode of WTF.  Kumail seems like a pretty good guy.  Recommend this interview.


Aubrey Plaza on WTF

This was an interesting interview.  She's just so deadpan I kinda wondered what was going on up there.  Marc, of course, manages to wrestle out of her deets about her therapy sessions.  Plaza says that she has issues 'emoting', and that she in fact had a stroke around 20 years old due to anxiety!  I was so repulsed by her playing the lead in the movie 'Hand Job' and perhaps even more so when she says in the interview with Marc that she has no issue in real life doing any of the things that she did in the movie.


P. T. Anderson on WTF

Marc just interviewed P.T. Anderson.  The discussed his recent movie Inherent Vice.  I'm actually kind of interested in seeing this movie now.  Marc's given it two thumbs up, unlike some other reviews that gave it one thumb up/one down.  Just occurred to me, however, that he may have only been saying that b/c P. T. Anderson was in the room.  Hmmmm....I wonder if Inherent Vice is any good.

It's got one hell of a cast.  But that doesn't mean anything, really,  In fact, that can sometimes be a huge distraction, as it makes you feel like you flipping through People magazine rather than watching a movie.

Watch this movie win for Best Picture.  I'll bet you 10 bucks that it does.


Maria Bamford

Just listened to Marcs interview with Maria Bamford.  Really liked this one.  She's a pretty thoughtful woman.  She discusses her mental illnesses and how at a young age taking one of Dale Carnegie's courses really helped her in making new friends.

And she discusses dating, and her current strategy to go on separate dates every week for six weeks.  She sounds pretty methodical about it, and she and Marc have a pretty good discussion about what you need to bring to a relationship and expect from it in order to make it healthy.

Funny to listen to these so much in the past tense, knowing that now Bamford's engaged, and that Marc, well, has been in and out of a lot of relationships since then.


The Interview

Just watched The Interview--UGH!  This was a movie that you could easily miss out on.  Especially if you, like me, think that Seth Rogan is annoying as hell.  The difficult part about this movie is that the James Franco character is painfully artificial as well.  James Franco feels like the guy at a party who's trying really really hard to be funny and who just isn't.

There is one really hilarious scene where Franco and Kim Jong Un ride around in a tank and listen to Katie Perry.  But it's not worth it to watch the entire movie just for that scene.  Oh, it also had a bizarre cameo with Joseph Gordon-Levitt.  Hm, what was that all about?

Kind of wanted to see this after all of the controversy surrounding it, however, unless you're really desperate to fill two hours, I'd recommend that you skip this one.  


Jim Gaffigan on WTF

Just listened to Marc's interview with Jim Gaffigan, from all the way back in 2009!  This was the 9th episode of WTF, ever!  The show had a much more raw tone back then, was it perhaps less produced? Gaffigan's wife kept interjecting in the interview, and at some point was formally introduced and welcomed into the show.  Hadn't realized that she played such a significant role in creating material for Gaffigan; apparently the two work pretty hand in hand.

Marc ends the show with a Mad Men discussion with two guys ('Kris' and 'Brendan'), and brings some other guy on and er, well, just kind of has an argument with him.  Marc seems like a real irascible guy.  Moreso than he is now.  In his more current episodes, he just, well, has a tendency to be morose and depressed.  In this earlier episode he really has an edge.


A month of Marc Maron

Decided to shell out $2 and listen to some of the WTF interviews that I've missed out on.  Today, I listened to Dylan Moran.  Really really really enjoyed Black Books and have always wanted to know more about him.

Hadn't realized how anti-religion and anti-Cathilic he is; in this interview he calls the Catholic Church "the most heinous, corrupting....vile organization that's ever been on the planet."  He cites the statistic that when he was born (1970ish) that 90% of Irish citizens went to Mass.....and that today that statistic has dropped to 10%!  Unbelievable.  Perhaps the sex scandals, which I think have been especially bad in Ireland, have helped to foster this disillusionment with the Catholic Church......outside of that I really can't explain for this change.  I find it remarkable.

He also made the point that stand-up comedy is an American-generated art-form.  Hadn't realized this!

Stay tuned for more WTF reviews!


WTF with Melanie Lynskey

Just listened to this WTF interview with Melanie Lynskey.  A very Marc-y interview.  She's so perfect for him; a recovering anorexic, therapy-dependant actress.  Needless to say, they had much common ground for conversation.


Big Eyes

Just saw the movie Big Eyes.  Not bad.  Amy Adams always seems to be a good pick for a lead.  Kind of like Jennifer Aniston in this respect.  She brings charm and cheerful energy to her role.

Hm.......haven't seen a lot of Tim Burton movies from beginning to end, honestly, so can't really compare it to others.  I've seen Beetlejuice, but it's been ages.

I think that the story itself is compelling.  It's a little freaky that that man Keane could be so deluded, or stubbornly fixated on the lie.  (Lying that he painted the 'big eye' paintings when in fact his wife did).

So yeah, it got a little slow in the middle, but overall I'd recommend.