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This week I listened to WTF with Kathy Griffin.

Interesting to hear KG's struggles in her career and just how long she's really been at it.  She started at the Groundlings and remained there "forever"; training other comics and watching them go onto mega fame (ie Lisa Kudrow).  Once, she laid in bed and ate ice cream and watched Oprah for a year since the show she was suppossed to get didn't come through for her.

Maron tells her that she's defined herself on her own terms, and they (the establishment) has decided to take her.  She was nominated for something like 6 emmys before she finally won.

She and Maron are a good juxtaposition in terms of careers.
I sense that they both experienced a lot of the same sense of nowhereness/crickets after years (decades) in the business.  And they both created their own comic persona when no one else would court them (neither of them had a Lorne Michaels).

Their comedy style is similar as well; more like telling a story, long-form.  Not the tightly written, memorized monologue.  And I think that neither of them really take long notes or recrords of their shows.  I've heard Marc say over and over again that he writes nothing down.  Amazing.

Marc made a great point in refernce to the nowhereness feeling he had at down-points in his career; he realized that he could not "function from a bitter place"--even though he felt tempted/justified in being bitter.

This WTF episode aired the implicitly anti-Catholic tone that Marc assumes in about 3/4 of his interviews.  (Which is in part the reason why I unsubscribed--the other being that I was discovering explicit details about the sex lives of his guests, and his guests' parents, friends, etc).  k, but I'll *somewhat* excuse Griffin's anti-Catholicism in that she had some *crap* thrown at her; her brother *it seems* was caught up in molesting small children, she didn't receive any explanation about contraception......

Then, after ripping on the church, Griffin relays her abhorrence that her mother described the elder-home where she lives as too "Jew-ey"; even apologizing profusely to Marc that her mother could say such a thing.  This fatheaded double standard that you see just about everywhere in the media these days; where it's perfectly acceptable to pulverize Catholics (or Mormans), yet an ever-so-slight anti-semitic remark is criteria for beheading (figurative anyway); is quite peculiar.


I followed up the interview by watching Maron on "In Bed with Joan"  (Geez, my viewings this week are sounding incestousus.)

In Bed With Joan is very casual.  You'll like this show.  Rivers talks to people off screen (camera crew, producers) and you can hear them laughing throughout the show.  And man, Joan interviews people up to her last breath--her last show date, with LeAnn Rimes, was August 27 2014.

At the end Joan asks her guests to stick it to the one person they want to tell off; Marc sticks both his middle fingers up at his ex-wife  for telling him he was the kind of person who wouldn't be famous until after he died.  ha ha.  Marc has very beady eyes, I noticed.  Kind of cool to be able to watch him in person while he's talking, generally when I hear him he's just on audio.


I also watched all of the first season of  "My Life on the D-list with Kathy Griffin"--from all the way back to 2005  (so yeah....old---she's writing down peoples contact info with pen and paper, lol.)

Wow, this show sucked me in.  Didn't think I was a reality TV person.  What is it that I like so much about KG?  I don't know, I just do.  She doesn't seem spoiled, or narcissistic, she hasn't had a charmed career, or a charmed life, it seems.  Relatable!

And, as one of the characters explains, she really admits to all those things that most people won't talk about; for example she relays in explicit detail her eating binges (tubs of ice cream, cans of pringles).
Heres my deal on plastic surgery; I think that it's disgusting, vain, it's telling (obviously for people who are insecure) and that's why I do it; because I am all of those things.

Lots of good quotes like this in the show.  Griffin really does remind me a lot of Joan Rivers'; the comparison has a lot of merit.  Consider these quotes of Rivers'

"I succeeded by saying what everyone else is thinking." and "I belive in telling it like it is.  I've always been a no-holds barred kind of person.  I let it all hang out.  I'm in bed eating Cheetos.  How's that for telling it all?"    

It fascinates me to watch KG bomb in the reality show.  I guess that I wouldn't have expected it of a comic of her stature.  She says that it happens a lot.  She has a real specific audience,  I guess, so when she's speaking to the wrong crowd it just doesn't go over.

She really does come across as d-list celebrity....this talk show guy calls her Cathy Griffith (I really think she would have benefitted from creating a different stage name for herself), Jay Leno embarasses her on the Tonight Show by telling her that she's the kind of girl who men will want to hook up with after their 6th beer.  (After which she cries and cries.)  geez.


Even listened to Allegedly this week, all but the last 20 minutes anyway.  Just liking her more and more.

nuf said.  methinks.

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