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Have Joan Rivers on the mind this evening.....it'd be such a loss to lose her!  Have you seen her auto-biographical documentary "A Piece of Work"?  She just blew me away in there....how hard she works on her jokes, with the index-file cabinets all FULL of jokes; she even has a category for Tony Danza jokes, they are that specific!

Here's a little sampling of some of her videos; here's a more recent one of here dealing with a heckler; man she really lays into him!  And this of her in the 60s on The Ed Sullivan Show; she's so CUTE when she was younger!  She says in her documentary that no one ever called her beautiful and I find that hard to believe.

And this final interview with Bob Monkhouse in 1983; I'm so impressed with comedians who can crank out joke after joke.  And it's just awesome to see a woman doing this.

Her life really isn't for the faint of heart; what with her husband's suicide, leaving herself and her daughter in financial shambles; her separation from Johnny Carson, the failure of her own talk show.....yet she pressed on!


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Wordy Wednesday August 27th

I binge-watched the first season of The Killing this week.  This show pulls off the amazing feat of starting out decent and then degenerating into being so-bad-that-its-good, keeping me entertained the entire time!  After about the 18th plot twist I found myself laughing heartily through the episode.  

k, so I just have to share some of the pricelessly cheesy dialogue;

"I told you dad, I'm doing this my way dad."
"Your way.  Is that what you call.....sleeping with your candidate?"


Chris Farley on David Letterman

Just saw this video last night---I recall seeing it so many years ago when it first aired.  Highly recommend it.  Not only do you get to see some 20-year-old commercials, you get to see how sweet Chris Farley really is.  When he buttons his collar after David Lettermen tells him too!  Farley tells Letterman he's the king, and Lettermen reciprocates to say that Farley is the life of the party on SNL.  And he really was....what a joy all of those sketches were; the motivational speaker, Bennet Brower, The Chris Farley Show (my favorite!), lunch-lady land.  OMG.  Priceless.


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Wordy Wednesday August 20th

Just watched this video of Last Week Tonight.  Wow, this is a good bit from John Oliver.  Really good.  He discusses the militarization of the police in relation to the Ferguson, MO case, and then goes on to discuss the militarization of the police on a larger scale; citing this quote from MSNBC;

Since 1996 in response to the war on drugs the Department of Defense transferred 4.3 billion dollars in military equipment to local and state police.  After 9-11, the department Homeland Security made additional equipment available to local law enforcement through ferderal funds for terrorism prevention.

He shows footage of the police in New Hampshire using a bear cat,


"Where'd You Go Bernadette" by Maria Semple

Had I written a reveiw of this book when I was about 50 pages in it would have been an emphatic two thumbs down.  The style seemed unbelievable; pretty much the entire book is told through letters; long, verbose letters written amongst 10 or so characters.  These letters included dialoge.  When was the last time you composed an e-mail that was 7-8 pages long and included dialogue?

Additionally, the Seattle references, though for the most part accurate, were not at all subtle.  One character ends a letter saying, totally out of context, "Go Huskies!"


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Wordy Wednesday

Just a quickie today........did you listen to this interview between Marc Maron and Robin Williams?  His death this week was quite tragic, and Maron has re-released this interview from 2010.  Williams makes some interesting comments about himself in the interview; including on his desperate need for attention.

And yesterday I watched "Guardians of the Galaxy."  Kind of a stretch for me in terms of genre, but I'm trying to branch out and plus it's received so many positive reviews I felt like I 'had' to see it.  The music in this movie was GREAT, lots of fun 70s hits.  And making Chris Pratt the star was a good move; you can watch him in this video here in a much smaller role in MoneyBall.

Just today I discovered this podcast.  Really cool concept!  Just the title seems to 'say it all'...."Respect the Process."  I've only listened to one episode, but sounds like it's about people taking their own steps and initiative towards establishing careers for themselves; particularly creative careers.  Gonna have to spend some more time with this one.

vell, with that.....adieu!


GOOD Shrimp Sauce!

2 T butter, melted
2 cloves garlic chopped
salt and pepper to taste
1/2 T jalapeno peppar chopped.
1-2 T cilantro chopped.
Juice from one lime.

Serve the sauce with 16 or so shrimp, serve over rice.



Wordy Wednesday

ah, geez, another week.  Last night I watched Thomas Crown Affair for the first time.......love, love it's theme song, "Windmills of your Mind".

Also watched the 1947 "Secret Life of Walter Mitty".  Wow.  Those were the days.  The violence in this movie couldn't hold a candle to what we see now.  A violent scene generally entailed someone pulling a knife, and then it's over.  A few weeks ago I also watched the first eipsode of "Remington Steel" (1980ish), and had a similar impression.  Compare this to "Luther" (2012ish), which is almost sickeningly over the top in its violence!  

Heard some good quotes from podcasters this week;


Beside a Chrysanthemum

To bring one chrysanthemum
to flower; the cuckoo has cried
since spring.

To bring one chrysanthemum to bloom,
thunder has rolled
through the black clouds.

Flower, like my sister returning
from distant, youthful byways
of throat-tight longing
to stand by the mirror:

for your yellow petals to open
last night such a frost fell,
and I could not sleep.

So Chong-Ju


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