Wordy Wednesday June 4

Well it's been another one of those weeks.  I watched some movies and read some blogs and listened to some audiobooks...or really one audiobook to be precise;

A Visit From the Goon Squad.  Pretty tempting to tear this book to shreds, which I guess is what I am going to do.  It's more aggravating to read a bad book that's won a Pulitzer Prize than to just read a bad book.  If you know what I'm saying.  So yeah, my Twitter review, were I to write one, would read something like, "If I wanted to read five separate novels, that is what I would have checked out at the library."  Another biting and pertinent quip; "writers write to express, not to impress."  So yeah, Jennifer Egan's trying to do way too much with this book, what with the eclectic assortment of short stories, all told through an overwhelming number of different character's perspectives, the totally non-linear narrative (I really wanted & was waiting, for the entire book, to get back to that conversation between Benny and Sasha in the first story...and we never did!), the use of a variety of writing voices, including second voice, and even one section that was some sort of powerpoint presentation (hard to decipher from an audiobook).

Found the format uncannily similar to Girls Guide to Hunting and Fishing actually, which is composed of five short stories (though told much more linerally, and with less chaos).  One of Melissa Bank's (Girls Guide) stories also used the second-person voice, which made it seem too similar.

Girls Guide is much better.  Don't even want to go into the themes from Goon Squad, Egan just came across as so showy and arrogant I cared little for what she had to say.

There.  Onto the next one.  I saw two great movies this week!  Old movies.  Movies that everyone else probably has already seen.  Somehow I'd missed them.

The Untouchables.  Kevin Coster's character reminded me of the role he played as Jim Garrison in JFK.  Pretty wife, wholesome domestic life, exciting professional career.  (Though the actual Jim Garrison didn't seem to dissipate later in his life in the same way that Elliot Ness did--selling burgers to make a living at one poing, geez.)  As a side note, Jim Garrison gave a great Playboy interview back in the day.  But I'll save the JFK talk for another day.  The Untouchables; couldn't recognize the writing as being David Mamet's.  His style for writing dialogue in Glengarry Glen Ross seems so much more overtly written than the more natural dialogue in The Untouchables.  And if you want to talk about some naturally written dialogue, talk about BBC's The Office.  Unbelievable.  The Untouchables also has what is now one of my favorite movie scenes of all time!  The train station scene, where the baby is being drug up the stairs, and Costner/Andy Garcia are trying to get Capone's bookkeeper alive in order to bring him to court.  Love it.  And I don't even generally like violence in movies!  So that's saying a lot.

The Stepford Wives.  Also saw this for the first time this week, and wasn't anticipating such a scary movie!  What is so funny is that last night I was at the grocery store and I starting to recognize these women walking down the asile!  ha ha ha.  Thought that it would be a little more social commentary on the role of women and wives within a community, though it seemed more like just a horror flick to me.  Or is Ira Levin trying to make the point that at a certain point, married women 'die' to themselves and become essentially drone-like slaves to their husbands, homes, and families?

vell anyway......discovered a cool blog, just yesterday!  First Person Singular, dedicated to single women.  Spent a good part of this am reading it; the posts are remarkably simple, yet they generate some interesting and significamt dialogue; to the point where the dialogue is more substantive than the post itself.  Consider this post in on the single stigma being real or imagined.  It's just a simple survey & artwork.  Yet some of what is discussed.....woah!

The single/relationship stuff is a bit of a labyrinth.  ah well.  that's about it for tis week.  until next time!

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