wordy wednesday june 11

Listened to about a billion podcasts this week.  And read a little bit too; plowed to the end of Vanity Fair June issue, all the way through the last article, "The Prince and I", about JFK Jr. & his magazine "George."  The theme for the illustrations in the magazine were described as "politics as pop culture". The article goes into great detail the Cindy Crawford/George Washington cover, the Demi Moore as Betsy Ross, Barbara Streisand as......now who was it?

I don't get it that someone so close to the fire could have been so consumed by triviliaties.  More explicitly, it would make a lot more sense, with the overwhelming evidence that rogue members of CIA killed his father, for JFK Jr. to have be committed to either a) reforming our corrupt system, or b) demanding a reinvestigation into his father's death.

What a bizairre relationship America has with the Kennedy's; this blending of politics and pop culture.  So often their photographs are splashed across magazine covers & articles (as in this VF piece) as if to say, let us, the American people, admire this family of political leaders with such great genes!  And at the same time 2 of them have been killed by our government.

vell, anyway, I also listened to a good interview between Sean Stone and Gary Franchi having to do with things like FEMA camps, and Franchi's relationship with Aaron Russo.
 Although the interview was quite good, it pointed me towards another interview that was more interesting; between Aaron Russo and Alex Jones.  Stone pointed out that it was in this interview that Russo discussed  the power structure of the CFR & his relationship with Nick Rockefeller.  This interview took place shortly after Russo's documentary Freedom to Facism had been created & elaborated on many of the points made in the documentary.  For example, in F to F, Russo makes the point that there is no law for paying income taxes.  To Alex Jones, he goes on to explain that even so, he still encourages people to pay their taxes since the IRS can seriously ruin a persons' life; he likens it to the mafia telling you to do something; you ought to do it or else you can get hurt.

To this point, I kind of wonder, what if masses of people refused to pay their income taxes; for example 5-10% of the population would be a large amount.  The IRS certainly could not hurt all of these people.

Probably the best point Russo made in the interview is not to let the fear of being called a nut prevent anyone from speaking out about 9-11, as it is plain as day that the towers did not come down by planes that had been hijacked by men armed with box cutters.  It's absurd to think so.  The reality, in fact, is that only an idiot/nut would buy into such story; and a sane person would find it untrue!

The videos of tower 7 collapsing in 18 seconds is the most overt evidence that this official explanation of 9-11 cannot be true.  And yet, despite this obviousness, the culture is trapped in a state of delusion; it's comical to think so many of us have 'bought' such a fantastic story, but moreso tragic, since so much havoc is being wreaked in the name of 9-11.  We're in a state of perpetual war that we cannot win, as Russo pointed out, since it's against some ambiguous enemy; 'terrorists'; and our life in the US is looking more and more like a hampsters spinning wheels inside of a cage.

Russo.........yeah, seemed like a good guy.  He had a great quote about the most important thing in life is to like yourself, because when you like yourself you respect yourself, and if you respect yourself you do things to make yourself proud.  He had an interesting career....nightclubs in Chicago, managing Bette Midler, producing The Pearl and Trading Places, and as I mentioned, Freedom to Facism.  

Probably one misgiving that I had about the interview, however, is that so much of what Russo said was "Nick Rockerfeller told me this and this" and I have a hard time just taking his word for it without any hard evidence backing it up.  It's unclear even who NR actually is; he is listed as a member of the CFR, however I couldn't find much more about him.  Take for example, the chip in the hand thing.  We've heard it before.  Russo claims that Rockefeller's (and all of the elite's) aim is to get the entire wold chipped.  And yet is sounds like such an urban legend.  So many people would be up in arms over something like that.  I've heard that cell phone and smartphones are like chips in athe hands, and this sounds so much more realistic to me.  

A friend of mine is convinced that the governement will be pulling a jack-move sometime in the next 30 or so years, and perhaps at this point we'll be required to get chips.  He also says that shortly after this jack-move, the entire world will receive the Warning that's been predicted by the visionaries at Garabandal. (The BVM allegedly appeared to several women in Spain from 1861-65 and told them this).  And although there's really no reason to take these messages from Garabandal too much to heart--in fact it would be mistaken to since they haven't been approved by The Church--I think that it's a little uncanny to see various people from totally different sources saying a similar thing; for example these women at Garabandal claim that Communism will return to the entire world.  And that's pretty much what Russo is saying as well.  

These issues quickly become murkey and speculative.  However, like I said above, its undeniable that the official explanation of 9-11 is a total lie.  And its being a lie leads to a world of valid speculation; such as who is really responsible for the attacks?  Why did they do it?  What is coming down the pike?  The answers to these questions become more and more speculative, especially the last one.

Back to Sean Stone's interview.....Franchi makes the point that the police in this country are becoming inordinately equipt with miliary equipment and suggests that they are anticipating some sort of civil war breaking out.  If the government tried to makes us all get chips in our hands, then a civil war of sorts quite likely would break out -- would it be a violent bloody one?  Who knows.  

On a lighter note, lol........here is an awesome clip from John Oliver's new show, "Last Week Tonight".  I've finally gotten a chance to see some of this.  He's funny.

I also discovered the cool blog, Quirkyalone.  A friend of mine follows it and actually accompanied the author Sasha Cagen on a tango trip to Buenos Aires.  I love her timeline of Quirkyalones throughout history.....!  I listened to her 'lists' video, and it was very interesting, showing us various lists that people had made from all over the world.  Cagen seemed a little too focused on careerism, however, in this talk; suggesting twice that people who she'd interviewed lives were on the right track since they had landed themselves in successful careers.  Ugh.

And just last night finished watching 'Being There'.  Ha ha ha very funny.  Peter Sellers is great.  And Shirly McLaine is so young!  Think that I liked his roles in Dr. Strangelove much better though.  That same line he says in both movies, "I'm fine and you're fine".....now is that a coincidence?

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