Wordy Wednesday

Hello and welcome to Wordy Wednesday where I get to ramble at even greater length about some of the discoveries I've made in the past week.

Last Wednesday I attended a presentation from Danielle Krysa, creator of the blog The Jealous Curator, on her book "Creative Block: Get Unstuck, Discover New Ideas. Advice & Projects from 50 Successful Artists."
Great presentation.  Very down-to-earth women, her discussion focused a lot on her personal artistic journey, also covered the artists in her book, as well as the developmet of her blog, which I've been enjoying immensly lately!

After reading & enjoying her article on Maureen's Dowd's somewhat murky coverage of Monica Lewinsky, I've journeyed down the rabbit-hole of Amanda Hess.  Yeah, so she writes mostly about sex.  Not so sure about her ultimately; in her article "Screw U: Inside the Secret Sex life of Catholic University she overtly communicated "I-hate-the-Catholic-Church-and-their-Mideival-attitudes-towards-sex."
Man, that perspective is not only insular, but O-L-D.  She's certainly well-read, but perhaps not entirely the original voice I'd initially thought I'd discovered.  If i'm gonna read original thoughts about sex and gender, gonna have to bypass Hess.  Camille Paglia is a better bet.  

Kurt Eichenwald wrote a great article in Vanity Fair about the legal battles between Samsung and Apple.  Samsung, despite all its shoddy business practices, seems to still be winning in market share. and Lili Anolik has done it again, in a well-written article covering the OJ Simpson trial, making the claim that it spawned reality television and the most famous reality television stars.

Over the weekend, I watched Dr. Strangelove, which is I think only my second Stanley Kubrick film.  It was so good!  I would have watched it a 2nd time had time allowed; however think that I'll see it again this week sometime.  May be on a Peter Seller's rabbit hole adventure!

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