Things a Little Bird Told Me by Biz Stone

After reading "Things a little Bird Told Me" I started to juxtapose Biz Stone with Mark Zuckerberg;

-- At the age of 18, Stone is courting women in the traditional way; asking women he finds attractive out on dates, while at the same age, Zuckerburg is defaming his ex on a blog, and has created mashable, a online 'game' that compares the hotness of various women on campus.

-- In the creation of FB, Zuckerburg loses his best friend, Eduardo Saverin, one of the founders, and deliberately screws over the Winklevoss twins*, both resulting in high-stakes lawsuits (in which Z. settles)
*as demonstrated by the IM that Mark sent while working with the twins in which he states, "Yeah I'm going to fuck them, probably in the ear."

-- Throughout the growing pains of Twitter, including 3 transitions of the CEO over 4 years, the ousting of Jack Dorsey (co founder and co creater), Stone remains on good terms (according to him anyway) with everyone, seeing them for coffee, etc.
no high stakes lawsuits!

-- Stone literally at one point was dirt poor; the house that he lived in with his his single mom did not have a carpet or floor; and before his financial success with Twitter he and his girlfriend/wife were tens of thousands of dollars in debt.  He also had a 'no-homework' policy in high school...yes, he literally never did his homework!

-- Zuckerburg, as we all know, attended Harvard, so enjoyed a more priviliged childhood; his father had him taking private computer programming courses at the age of 16 or 14 or something......in short, he was cultivated to be a brain child.

Dunno.  It just struck me that Stone seems like a good guy, not power-lusting, not an ego-maniac, not some sort of a cultivated brain-child; and what a relief to see that you can be a good guy, and not an ambitious dick, and still enjoy wild success on the internet.  (Although the no-homework thing does kind of get to me; he almost seems like the diamond in the rough.  Most of us have to play by at least some of the most basic rules to enjoy even a fraction of the financial success that he did.)

And maybe we can play the same comparison game with Twitter and FB;

Twitter; a great social media platform for communication.

FB; a piece of shit.

Hmmmmm........I guess it goes back to the old saying that 'a stream cannot rise above its source'!

um, one final comment about the book, and about FB too, I suppose; why is it that these internet companies seem to be one big boys club?  So maybe FB's got Sheryl Sandburg in there, but she certainly wasn't there at the beginning.  oh, and this goes for podcasts as well.....why the staggering gender inequality among podcasts?  Maybe the internet is some sort of new 'wild west' and its somehow more enticing to men?  dunno.  just find this unmistakable gender bias a little unnerving.  

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