Shame and Survival by Monica Lewinsky

Just read Monica Lewinsky's piece in Vanity Fair; pretty powerful.  Her reputation is still about as demolished as, let's say, Hiroshima after the a-bomb; a huge testament to the sex-scandal double standard between women and men.  If we were honest, rather than referring to Monica as 'that woman' we should probably referring to Clinton as 'that man';

"He was a careless person, Bill; he  smashed up things and creatures and then retreated back into his vast carelessness and let other people clean up the mess he had made.”

And the trouble with Monica, is, can she ever really be cleaned up?  Honestly I wonder why she didn't die her hair at 24, get some plastic surgery, change her name, and start over again.  It might have been easier.

It was troubling to read about the impossibility of her finding a job, of what she endured at job interviews.  And I was shocked to read quotes from Francine Proses's New York Observer article; one excerpt from Erica Jong; 'my hygienist pointed out that she had third-stage gum disease."

Shocked to see these women behaving so flagrantly cattily; essentially grinding Lewinsky's reputation into the dirt below their heels.  And I'll bet these same women give cred to themselves for empowering women, ascribing to all sorts of feminist theories.  ha. ha. ha.

The entire country, and world, really, lost its mind during that scandal.  Just look at this cross section to some of what Maureen Dowd was saying throughout it all.  Guess that the media has a way making us lose all sense of rational judgement.

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