Movies that hold up

I couldn't sleep last Wednesday night and rather circuitously decided to watch GoodFellas.

This is the third time that I've seen it in the past five years.  And it was still pretty good.  You can't go wrong with Debra Winger, or (obviously!) Robert DeNiro.  And I like the way that it's narrated by the main character.  Had to follow it up with Donnie Brosco, which I haven't seen since I was a very little girl.  One of Johnny Depp's better roles.

And yesterday since it was a Sunday afternoon and therefore I was entitled to be lazy I watched Network, which is a new discovery for me.

Now I've seen it three times in about the past six months.  And it definiately held up as well.  Although all of the talk about 'television being the ultimate reality' started to sound a bit cheesy and heavy handed.  Too overt, and please, Paddy Chayevsky, can you really be so dismissive of a medium that you've commited your entire career to (presuming that he thinks movies to be on the same plane as television).  

Er, maybe what I mean to say is that sure, the media is overbearing and has undue influence in the way that we think; to the point that the effect can be almost hypnotic; but we somehow have to live with it, within the bound of twitter, and FaceBook, and television and movies, since that is the way the people communicate.

But no, the performances in Network are well worth watching time and time again.  And the dialogue is great, although I don't think that people really speak so eloquently or with such a diverse vocabulary. But anyway, it is intelligent dialogue.  So that's cool too.  

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