Alec Baldwin

Even though it was nearly 2 weeks ago and so practically old news by now, I have just a few things to say about Alec Baldwin's rant in Vulture.  (In which he said, more or less, that he was so enraged over being named the worlds biggest homophobe that he would be leaving public life entirely, and so move to LA to live off the grid ~ and that he would continue to act.)

a) do you think that it will be possible for Alec to remain out of the public spotlight?  I mean geez, the guy has hosted SNL more than any other actor, he's been featured in multiple Vanity Fair articles (not always notoriously!), has his own podcast, and, hmmmm, what else?  A lot else!
We'll see.  It just seems to me that he gets a lot out of being in the public eye, and that it's gonna be real hard for him to give it up.  A baby and 20-something wife might not prove sufficient after a few months.

b) Judge Alec by his fruits.  His podcast, 'Here's the Thing' is quite good.  He's interviewed SUCH a wide variety of people on there; David Letterman, Kristin Wiig, Dick Cavett, Dylan Avery (an interview which, even more than any of Marc Maron's, has changed my life), George Will, Rosie O'Donnell, Jill Abramson....I could go on.  And he asks them informed questions.  He's an intelligent, free-thinking, interested guy.  Not so much the homophobic-I-scream-obscenities-at-my-daughter-and-vulgarieies-to-the-paparizzi-dick that certain MSM outlet's have pegged him to be (and which he's retaliating against).

c) did you read the part about his trials with bringing his podcast onto MSNBC?  The disparity between the substantive interviews that he wanted to do--Debra Winger, JFK-conspiracy icon Mark Lane, Ellen Barkin--vs. the one that MSNBC picked for him.....Rob Lowe.  OMG, if nothing else, that section of Alec's rant is a testament to why we need to cut ourselves off entirely from the MSM, and get onto twitter (following the right people!), listen to podcasts and alternative news stations exclusively just so that we can have a little bit of substance in our lives.  After all, Man does not live on WonderBread alone.....and being fed an interview with Rob Lowe would have been just that.

d) and, yeah, so I do have to compare this to Woody Allen's similar rant from a few weeks back.....something about them seemed uncannily similar.  Is it just that these two men are so huge, and people seem to care about their lives so much, that they can write 3k plus words about themselves and the bones that they have to pick with people.....and the rest of us actually CARE? .....or is it something else?  Well there's some sort of point that can be made comparing these two exposes!  I'm gonna figure it out.  Just not today.

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