The NYT Spin

Here's an excerpt from today's "The Daily", the podcast from the New York Times (circa minute 16):

NYT Journalist Matt Rosenberg: "Trump made it very clear that he's got no interest in human rights."

Then they play an excerpt of this Trump quote, as affirmation of Rosenberg's claim:  "Ultimately it is up to the people of Afghanistan to take ownership of their future, to govern their society and to achieve an everlasting peace."

Um, does this sound like someone who's not at all interested in human rights?  Or simply wishing autonomy onto a sovereign country?  Goddamnit, a spin like this really makes you want to write off the NYT altogether as an entity who's uninterested in dispassionately consuming information and who's implicitly decided Trump is some sort of neo-Hitler.   


Bannon's Departure

Somehow this departure has an "Et tu Brute", or maybe the more accurate expression is "straw that broke the camel's back", feeling about it.

What I mean to say is that it's really made me lose faith in this Trump Presidency, in what I thought might be some sort of genuine movement.

I recall on election night Roseanne Barr tweeting something like "The little guy has finally trumped the MSM"

But dude, how can the person who's most responsible for bringing about Trump's victory have been thrown under the bus?


Camino Primitivo, Reflections on

I've just finished hiking the Camino Primitivo in Spain and found it well worth my while.  Exceeded my expectations, in fact.  My deep desire to walk this Camino is somewhat inexplicable, but arose after watching the documentary Walking the Camino: Six Ways to Santiago.  

The Camino Primitivo is one of the ancient pilgrimage paths to the Apostle St. James' remains in Santiago de Compastela.  Since the 80s/90s, this pilgrimage (which has several different paths) has becoming very popular* for people from all over the world, and around 200K will walk it every year.

This rather extensive and perhaps rambling blog post--written in first person as it reflects my own experience and impressions--is something I've banged out in an attempt to shed some light on this pilgimage for people who are interested in walking it, and for whom it's still an unknown.  Emphasis on the "my impressions/experience" as this obviously will vary from other people's.  *Also emphasis on "very popular"--bear in mind the date of this post, recognizing that as the Camino Primitivo becomes more trodden, the conditions (e.g. # of albergues and availability) will have changed.


A little disparity, perhaps?

Once again this week I'm reminded of the deeply hypocritical ethos that pervades the MSM.

Let me take the time to re-state a quote from our favorite general, Mad Dog Mattis in response to this question 'What about civilian casualties [in the Middle East conflicts]?"

Mattis:  "Civilian casualties are a fact of life in this sort of situation.  We do everything humanly possible consistent with military necessity, taking many chances to avoid civilian casualty at all costs."

And now, in this interview with Ron Wyden regarding the Trump's collusion in the alleged Russian hacking of the elections, David Leonhardt and Wyden feign outrage and scandal at the "trail of dead bodies....the Russian citizens who have shown up dead in somewhat mysterious circumstances."

That is to say, meaningless deaths are OK when the people at the top thinks that they are justified, but that they aren't OK when these people think that they are the result of unjustifiable circumstances.

It's about as murky as that.

Good old USA!!!     


Oliver Stone Charlie Rose Interview

In this interview on Charlie Rose, Oliver Stone states unequivocally that he does not think that the Russians hacked our presidential election.

I thought that this admission was significant because it indicates that one's view on the Russian hacking does not necessarily fall on the same side as his party loyalties.

That is to say, I wouldn't exactly consider Stone an ardent Trump supporter and yet he denies these accusations that Trump colluded with the Russians.

And omg.  I am so tired of fucking hearing about the Russians.  He also makes the point that no evidence has surfaced as to the collusion.  Could we please consume ourselves with something else until and if some evidence does present itself?  

The bulk of this interview, worth listening to, has to do with the four part interview that Stone has just completed with Vladimir Putin, now airing on Showtime!!!