Rotten Tomatoes

A conversation on the podcast Little Gold Men led me to a more accurate understanding of the Rotten Tomatoes "fresh" rating.

Rotten Tomatoes gives every review submitted an either 'fresh' or 'rotten' rating, regardless of the level of enthusiasm or tepidity of the review.  That is to say, a review that says a movie is "FIVE STARS!!!!!  THE BEST MOVIE EVER" will be clumped into the "fresh" pile along with the "Meh.  Dunno.  I guess this is a good movie though I've seen better" reviews.

This helps to explain why a shitty movie like The Shallows has a 77% fresh rating, and also causes me to be much more discerning about a 95% fresh rating for a movie (i.e., are the reviews predominantly stellar, or more in the meh category?  I'll have to dig through the actual reviews to find out!) 

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