A little disparity, perhaps?

Once again this week I'm reminded of the deeply hypocritical ethos that pervades the MSM.

Let me take the time to re-state a quote from our favorite general, Mad Dog Mattis in response to this question 'What about civilian casualties [in the Middle East conflicts]?"

Mattis:  "Civilian casualties are a fact of life in this sort of situation.  We do everything humanly possible consistent with military necessity, taking many chances to avoid civilian casualty at all costs."

And now, in this interview with Ron Wyden regarding the Trump's collusion in the alleged Russian hacking of the elections, David Leonhardt and Wyden feign outrage and scandal at the "trail of dead bodies....the Russian citizens who have shown up dead in somewhat mysterious circumstances."

That is to say, meaningless deaths are OK when the people at the top thinks that they are justified, but that they aren't OK when these people think that they are the result of unjustifiable circumstances.

It's about as murky as that.

Good old USA!!!     

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