Living in a Man's World

Today I watched The Wenners on Charlie Rose--founder of Rolling Stone Magazine Jann and his son Gus--and it left me speculating to what extent we're living in man's world; that is to say evaluating and critiquing culture through a man's spectrum.

Here are all of the Rolling Stone images Charlie Rose called out on his show, as some of the most celebratory and laudable covers.  



(this isn't the exact photo of Springsteen that Rose showed, but it's very like it.  I couldn't find the exact one)

Um, do you notice a pattern here?  All but one of these one seven images are of men.  And the only image of the woman is in an overtly sexual pose.  I love it that someone like Hunter S. Thompson can  appear on the cover of a magazine fully clothed and smoking a cigarette, and it solicits adjectives like "epic", or Bono has to be wearing an extraordinarily outrageous pair of glasses and he's "unforgettable".  Yet in order for a woman to be memorable she needs to be (nearly) showing her titties.  Or at least this is so according to the mind of Charlie Rose.

Well and I just had to end on this note---look at this cutie who I came across in google searches.  Wow, I could just stare at this photograph all. day. long.  

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