Christian Caricatures

Today I watched some of the movies Christian Mingle and Inlawfully Yours, and found it disconcerting that way Christians are depicted in each of them.

In Christian Mingle the mother of the main character's love interest is a heavily make-uped, regularly dressed to the 7s (not quite the nines but with heels, etc.) woman with free flowing sandy blonde hair.  She's a devout Christian who pushes her weight around in the family, including telling her son that there's something off or insincere about the woman he's dating, and takes trips to Mexico to condescend to the impoverished Mexicans, reading to them from 1 Corinthians about God's love.

Inlawfully Yours depicts the same staid, pillar-of-the-community married women.  In this movie she perhaps isn't so attractive, but continues to push her weight around; in this instance she's on a board at the Church and advises the preacher on how to conduct services.  She also monitors him while he's out on a date, making sure that there isn't any physical interaction between the couple.

It's terrifying to see these kind of caricatures.  Given my own experience, these are the kinds of people who've been accepted and who have a place in the communities at church; the other attendees (single older people, non-Caucasians, working class) are very much on the fringes of things.

Yet, WTF is that all about?  Has God come only for those women?  And are those women somehow God's gatekeepers?  Such notions are absurd, and yet, somehow they seem to be the unfortunate reality of Christian communities, and a reality that's perpetuated by these abysmal movies.

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