Bridget Jones's Baby

About a year ago, when this movie was still in the theaters, Movie Reviewer Zach Murphy (@Fade_to_Zach) tweeted that this movie is so much better than it has any business being.  After seeing the movie I saw that this assessment was well put.

As the third movie in this series, it seems almost doomed to be walk-out-of-the-theater-after-thirty- minutes bad.  How could Bridget interestingly deal with the same issues of being Little Miss Spinster fourteen years later?  And why hadn't she married her Mr. Darcy?

And yet it just wasn't horribly bad!  It really captured the essence and spirit of the first movie, and I tried to identify exactly what made it so good.

First of all, Emma Thompson decided to show up in this movie, as the man-hating/feminazi doctor who consults Bridget after she gets pregnant.  You can't go wrong with her.

And the original cast also showed up
again as well--aged (fifteen years has elapsed since Bridget Jones's Diary), but let's just say well preserved.  Her parents are such hilarious characters--as is her boss, as are her friends, as is the new girlfriend at her job.  I guess that's a huge part of it--everyone in this movie is funny and pretty savvy.

This movie is directed by Sharon Maguire, who also directed the first Bridget Jones movie, but not the second.  She's a friend of Helen Fielding, the writer of the book Bridget Jones's Diary--Fielding also wrote the screenplay for this movie along with Emma Thompson.  Maybe that the originators of the Bridget Brand have put their energies towards this movie also contribute to its awesomeness.

A lot of the credit goes to Jones herself.  The tone of these Bridget movies is savvy and sweet and fun and light.  And since Bridget starts out her life with the "I'm a loser" premise, we all find her more than a bit relatable.  Bridget is down to her ideal weight in this move...however she's still (some might say) doesn't "have it all" in that she's single.

And Zellweger brings so much fun and energy to this role.  After her plastic surgery I'd honestly thought that we'd lost her forever.  I realized, however, that the photos of her must have been exaggerated because she looks about the same.  Or very much the same--very recognizable as herself.

It wasn't entirely 100% I'd have to say, however.  Something about Bridget (spoiler alert!) acknowledging that she's a smug married woman (rather than just married woman) at the end didn't hit me quite right.  I would have thought that Bridgit, after her struggles with worthless men and the stigma of being single, would have had a less haughty attitude towards the married state.  But no, she too seems to see single vs. married women as a "have and have not" reality.

And the two MEN, one of whom knock Bridget up.  Talk about suspension of disbelief.  We're supposed to actually believe that after a one night stand, an American billionaire decides to drop everything else in his life and singularly pursue a woman who MIGHT be carrying his baby--knowing full well that she 'shagged' someone else a week after him, and that he could just as likely be the father?  Um,  yeah.  Right.  Not to mention Darcy's giddy response when Bridgit tells him that she's pregnant.

Is there a 4th Bridget Jones on horizon?  Although early on in the movie the Bridget et al attend the Hugh Grant character's funeral, a newspaper article in the last scene indicate that he's not dead after all.

I can't hardly believe that I'm saying this, but if so, I'm in!

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