Confessions of an Heiress

My reaction to Paris Hilton's 2004 book are twofold; in parts I react by saying "what a stupid, coddled cunt" with ire, for example when she says she sometimes slums it by taking the subway, and in others I say "what a stupid, coddled cunt" with amusement, for example when she says "possibly the best thing about being an heiress is that you don't necessarily have to work".

My favorite passage so far:

"Nicole and I went to this crazy nudist resort in Florida.  Everyone in the lobby was naked.  Even everyone on the street was naked.  People were riding bikes wearing shirts and shoes, but no bottoms.  That's go to be uncomfortable.  Why go bottomless and not topless, I thought?  And people accuse me of being an exhibitionist!  At least we didn't have to get naked in front of them.  There was a nightclub in this country club, and when we walked in, we saw all these butt-naked people--fat, naked old people.  All of the guys wanted to take picture with us.  It was so weird.  Old ladies, old men, all naked.  Even the bartenders.  But there was no one cute there, believe me.  So what could Nicole and I do?  We just started dancing, with our clothes on, to Out Kast, Britney Spears, "YMCA".  Well it looked like me and Nicole were dancing in a geriatric music video.  It was funny, because I'm sure it's the first time in my life I was the person with the most clothes on in the room!   

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