Natural Law

Lent is about eliminating some of the noise, right?  Creating a space in which to think and reflect on the eternal things.

Twitter feels like an awfiul lot of fucking noise - a blood bath, blood sport.  Yes, it's got to go.  Except......erh.  It isn't all bad, is it?

I've often of late (as in the past 2+ years) been captivated by the idea of natural law.  Perhaps this is a non-sequitur, but: New Grange.  How is it that the ancients created a worship site so in tune with the order of the stars that the sunrise on the winter solstice shines right into the holy of holies??  It fascinates me.  On a side note; how many mornings, over the past thousands of years, did these pagans actually see a sunrise, and on how many were they greeted with an entirely overcast sky?  Hm.

And speaking of Ireland's great sites: Skellig Michael.

Zomg, how I pine to live like those contemplatives with my head totally out of the game.

Did these ancients understand things about spirituality and the natural order that we're missing?  When we drown out some of the noise can we listen to what the universe is telling us, since it's undoubtedly saying the exact same thing, speaking the same truths that it spoke hundreds of years ago.

In this interview, Mike Wallace pounds Margaret Sanger with the point that Catholic Bishops are opposed to contraception on the grounds that it opposes natural law.  It isn't some arbitrary ruling that a bunch of celibate sexist men have imposed onto couples--but rather a natural order of things which they have discerned and have then communicated.

I find it curious that vegan communities are also rejecting contraception in favor of "natural family planing", or what some are calling "organic family planning"--essentially women abstaining from having sex while she ovulates as a means of preventing conception rather than injecting herself with hormones all month long.  It makes sense that they are doing this, as dousing one's self with hormones is rather, well, un vegan-like.

The natural law, the natural order of things, is still speaking to us.  About much more than contraception.  What dos it continue to say?  And how do we listen?

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