I am just going to make three points that I don't hear a lot of other people making:

-- Given that the US has interfered with dozens upon dozens of foreign elections, can we legitimately be scandalized that the Russians (may have) interfered in ours?

-- Even if the Russians did, shouldn't it be of greater concern that the Democratic Party interfered in the election by deliberately marginalizing Bernie Sanders and elevating Hillary, as evidenced by the leaked e-mails from Dem Party leader Debbie Wasserman-Shultz?

-- Additionally, if this 'Russian-interference' business is essentially saying that it's unfair that Trump won because he had foreign assistance, shouldn't we also be considering the fact that Robbie Mook and other leaders of Hillary's campaign violently sabotaged Trump's campaign, in once instance causing a rally in Chicago to be cancelled due to violence?

What I'm saying I suppose is that this Russian interference stuff sounds like total bullshit or else like some Democrats still refusing to accept that she went down and he won.  It's as though they need to smear him as much as they can because they are still so upset that he won.

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