Creativity as Religion

The blogger ihanna recently stated in a post that creativity is her religion and that she practises it everyday.

I wonder exactly what she means by this.  She has said this in the past, too.  It's quite a bold statement, and I wonder how she's arrived at this conclusion.  How 'deep' does this religion go; is she communing with God when she creates art, does this religion have guidelines around behavior, etc.?

I myself have long ago dismissed Churches as little more than havens for narcissistic mommies to gather and coddle each other.

Yet I don't think that Catholic spirituality can be disregarded, as it's rooted in natural law--it's essentially a study of what Is, of Truth.

I guess that what I mean to say that churches are practicing nothing like what Catholicism really is.  These parishioners and priests haven't got a clue.

And maybe I sound silly and idealistic saying these things.

But I do think that overall what I'm saying is true--or that it's been my experience nonetheless.

And so where does one go to practice the actual Catholic spirituality?  And what does that spirituality consist of?

Back to creativity; I wonder if that's at all what a real religion might look like?

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