Ash Wednesday

Well Happy Ash Wednesday, everyone.  Or what's left of it, anyway.

I'm eating my plate of fried rice and egg, and contemplating whether or not a brownie is too indulgent for SUCH an ascetic day.  My bet is the brownie will win out.

After Mass this morning I seriously deliberated wiping the ashes from my forehead, as it's essentially a tattoo that screams "I'm Catholic!!"  But I didn't and a few surprising interactions ensued.  The lady at the grocery store exclaimed "It's Ash Wednesday?!  It's been so long since I'd done any of that!"

And the man at the Apple store came over and asked me about good Catholic schools in the neighborhood.  I couldn't offer much advice, but did so anyway.

Well there you have it.  Have a nice Lent.  What are you doing/giving up?

I'm going old fashioned this year and abstaining from eating in-between meals.

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