After years of just being on the periphery of my conscious mind, I've been developing an admiration of this band, and more specifically Chris Martin, over the past few months.

I like that his music is mellow and relaxing yet not depressing.  Contrast this with Adele, Leonard Cohen, U2, Van Morrison--the list could go on and on--musicians who create great mellow music yet leave you needing to take anti-depressants after awhile.

It's interesting to see how Martin has evolved over the years as well.  Contrast this interview of him in 2007, when he's still in his 20s,

to this one, where he's about 39.  I like what one of the commenters on the 2nd interview said; maturity suits him.  I agree.  Maybe it suits everyone.  Something about listening to him at 27 saying things like "well I'm just going to try harder to please everyone" in reference to the New York Times'  scathing review of his band makes you just kind of wince internally.  He had so much to learn at that age that listening to him didn't provide much insight.

Vell anyway.  There you go.  I still do think that Yellow is one of his best songs, written when he was less than twenty years old!

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