Boogeymen and the MSM

I really liked President Trump's response to Bill O'Reilly (um, why the need to have an interview with the president on SuperBowl Sunday, btw?) regarding Putin being a killer (and therefore reasoning that Trump shouldn't like him).

Trump says: "There are a lot of killers.  We've got a lot of killers  What do you think -- our country's so innocent?"

A statement like this makes me continue to increase my trust in Trump--he truly seems like an outsider and isn't trying to sugar coat the US Government into something that it is not.  

For O'Rielly to then to go on to say "I don't know of any government leaders who are killers" reflects either the ramblings of a total idiot, or someone who knows much better but who wants to lull his listeners into a stupefied state of delusion.  The NYT did something similar the other day when it comically said that "American presidents who took military action have been driven by a desire to promote freedom and democracy."

And what does "killer" really mean?  That people have died as a result of presidential policy?  By this definition, every countries' president is a killer.

Certain powers that be have decided to single Putin out, however, and caricature his as the most up and coming boogeymen.

I'm still looking for evidence that he's the boogeyman.

I have found evidence, plenty of it, that the MSM wants to lull us into a childlike state of naïveté and delusion.

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