Better Call Saul

I watched this show on Netflix for the second time last weekend, this time with a bit more focus.  It's so great.

Bob Odinkirk and Mike McKean really make the show.  Rhea Seahown is awesome as well.  Surprised that she isn't in more stuff!

Odenkirk and McKean are so funny that, even though I wouldn't classify the show exactly as a comedy, it has a strong undercurrent of humor.  Did you realize that Odenkirk wrote the Chris Farley van down by the river sketch?  The guy is a comic genius!

And I love the Odenkirk character.  I love how he really has nothing to lose, I love his beat up piece of shit car.  I think that when a show has a main character who elicits some sympathy it makes the entire show endurable.  Also I love how the relationship between Jimmy (Saul) and Kim (Seehown) is also understand, that kind of simmering attraction that you also see in the BBC Office between Tim and Dawn.  That seems to be a theme of this show--understated.  A lot is going on but it isn't overt. 

Juxtaposed with Breaking Bad (also created by Vince Gilligan) I'm amazed at how much less violence this show has as well as overt sex.  None of the main characters are in relationships.  There were no sex scenes in the entire first season.  I thought that was impossible for a show, in order for it to be successful.  

Well since I don't have a TV I'm having to wait around until I can see the 2nd season.  But I am looking forward to it.  

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